Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Your Kidney and How?

Apple cider vinegar or popularly known as ACV is not only an excruciating element for many cuisines but also serves as an important ingredient for help purposes. You will find lots of videos on the internet speculating the fact that how much good consuming apple cider vinegar is for health. In this article; we, going to discuss the beneficial points of apple cider vinegar upon our Kidneys and how to properly have it on a regular basis.

A General introduction about ACV

Many health experts have said that apple cider vinegar has certain elements which prevent the chances of kidney stones very effectively. In case that your kidney already has been diagnosed with stones but they are in initial stage apple cider vinegar can help in dissolving them. There are many health reports which have proved the capability of ACV and also many have reported to get benefited by consuming apple cider vinegar.

It is always said and for the most of the products that if they are, consumed in their purest form which is in the organic form, without any kind of preservatives added; it will act like magic. Apple cider vinegar is like that only as over filtration and adding other ingredients to it leads to losing it’s beneficial elements. So if you can get hold of unfiltered vinegar it will be best for your health.

Get a general idea about kidney stones

It is quite astonishing that even our body organs can be, diagnosed with stones due to many abnormalities in the elements which we consume. Basically, kidney stones are not like the stones we see regularly; they are the accumulation of salt and crystallizing elements which take the shape of stones and affect the natural filtration process of Kidneys.

This may cause increasing the density of your urine output and also cause pain in the urinary tract. The shape and size vary from patient to patient. Not only pain but also tenancy of nausea high fever and difficulty in the urination process will be, spotted. There are high chances of being; diagnosed with kidney stones if it is hereditary.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

ACV is often; considered as one of the most effective home remedies which can prevent and even treat kidney stones is, diagnosed in the initial stage.

There are certain key points which are; speculated about the benefits of apple cider vinegar which are:

  • It contains an acid which helps in weakening the stones and eventually breaking and dissolving them. In this order, the particles of the stone will be, flushed out from the body with urine. Also, if you have a larger kidney stone ACV helps in decreasing the size and shape of it which not only decreases the pain but also reduces the danger factor upon the body.
  • It is widely; believed and said by many health experts that Apple Cider Vinegar helps in increasing alkaline properties in urine and also in our blood. This will eventually result in higher stomach acids which will help in preventing the accumulation of new stones in the body. As it is always, said that we should prevent the disease beforehand instead of doing treatment for it.
  • Kidney stones if, increased in size and shape causes a lot of pain to the patient and also results in inflammation of kidney walls. It is not, proven by facts but widely believed that ACV gives the patient relief from the pain caused by inflammation.
  • As it is; cleaned that pure Apple Cider vinegar will help in increasing the digestion process and also in flushing out the toxic elements from the body with urine. So it is actively;  used by many to increase the detoxification of Kidneys in a very natural way.

Reports by the doctors

The above-speculated facts are not always clinically, proven but gained popularity due to the belief of the people. Now if we talk about the Lab reports about apple cider vinegar it is, stated that it does not have that much effect on kidney stones as said by many.

However; it does contain some elements, which can help in the prevention of kidney stones:

  • After researching it is said; that ACV has potassium in it which is a, proven factor working in prevention of the formation of kidney stones. Many surveys and reports have; proved the fact that when a person a diet which has more potassium in it; this will result in preventing any kind of formation of kidney stones.
  • In more recent research; it has been, speculated that if the vinegar is, fermented it has more effect on kidney stones. Just like; how tea has certain ingredients which help to prevent the forming of kidney stones; fermented vinegar is, said to have the same effect.
  • However; it is set by the experts that one should not, take an excessive amount of ACV which is really not good for health. It will eventually result in losing the required amount of potassium in the body.

Many researchers have, proved that Apple Cider Vinegar also works effectively in decreasing the cholesterol level in the body. Though the experiment has not been, conducted upon the human body; in 2014 it was, conducted upon many animals and the results were astonishing. It was; proven that Apple Cider Vinegar was able to heal the damage of kidney walls, done by the oxidation process.

So after going through the entire article; it can be, said that Apple Cider Vinegar is, indeed a natural remedy for kidney stones. If it is, consumed within the safe amount regularly then it can definitely cause in increasing kidney health.

However, there are many experiments that; to be, done which will give us proper information about the beneficial points of Apple Cider Vinegar and if; it is really that much helpful in preventing the kidney stones to be, formed.

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