Include These Leafy Greens In Your Daily Diet

Leafy greens make an important part of healthy foods. They are loaded with lots of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Additionally, the great part about them is low-calorie content. You can include them in your diet even when you are high on your calories. Further, they reduce the risk of several health problems. These include obesity, blood pressure-related heart problems. Also, its consumption boosts your mental health. Hence, leafy greens are the power-packed component of your diet. Leafy vegetables can be found around the year in the market. But, few of them make their appearance in winters.

There is something unique about the color green. Deeper the color more will be the nutritional value of a particular vegetable. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, these green vegetables should be included in their regular diet.


Leafy Greens

Kale beats all the vegetables in terms of lutein present in it. It is beneficial for eyesight and also improves vision. Besides this, it is loaded with vitamin C and beta carotene. These properties help in reducing stress levels. It comes from the family of broccoli and mini cabbage Brussels sprouts. Most importantly it has properties that help in fighting cancer. Due to these reasons, kale is considered one of the most nutritious leafy greens.


To get the best out of kale, it is better to consume it raw. But due to a slightly bitter taste, one can steam or sauté the vegetable.


Spinach is one of the most widespread leafy greens. It can be included in many dishes like pasta, sauce, sandwiches and many more. Talking about its nutritional division, it is packed with potassium. Potassium is required for muscle strength. Also, it is full of vitamin B and folates. Especially women should include spinach in their regular diet. It helps them to fight against breast cancer. At an advanced stage, it has folate which is necessary for cell division. In addition to this, spinach helps in the formation of RBCs. Spinach also helps in maintaining the blood pressure level.


There are endless ways to include spinach in your diet. One can include in salad directly or make a sauce by mixing with other vegetables.

Mustard Greens

Quite clear from its name, it is mustard leaves. The same plant crops mustard seeds later. Taking about the taste, it has a slightly bitter and peppery taste. But, it is less bitter than kale. Also, beta carotene is found in abundance in both leafy greens. In the daily value of beta carotene, it comes second after kale. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A. It is needless to explain the role of vitamin A for eyesight. In addition to eyesight, it is needed for healthy bones as well. Apart from the mentioned benefits, it is full of calcium and folic acid.


Include these greens as raw in a salad. Another way is to cook with garlic and other herbs. This will help in overcoming the bitter taste.

Collard Greens

Collard greens are the leafy greens that belong to the family of kale and spring onions. It has large thick leaves with a nasty taste. As the leaves are thick, hence takes more time to cook. It has a maximum of dietary fibers in comparison to other vegetables. Comparing the texture, it is similar to cabbage and kale to some extent. Further, it is full of vitamin K, C and beta carotene. People eating collard greens have 25% lower chances of heart diseases. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting which helps in people healing faster.


One can consume blanched collard greens. For this use a large pot full of water and boil for 5 minutes. Also, it can be cooked further with onions and other dried herbs. Don’t forget to put a few drops of olive oil to make it tastier.


If you are tired of reading about the bitter-tasting greens, go for romaine. This lettuce type is crispy. Coming to the nutrient values, it is full of potassium, vitamin c, and folate. Folate is important for treating cancer. Also, vitamin C helps in maintaining the blood pressure level. An additional advantage is you can store these leafy greens in the refrigerator for a few days.


Cook with garlic and onion for better taste. Also, one can simply include in a salad. Making into sauce even tastes better with peas.


Iceberg is one of the favorite vegetables of Americans. It is derived from cabbage, brussels sprouts family. It is made up of water mostly. One cup full of shredded iceberg contains only 10 calories. It is perfect for maintaining your weight. Hence, you can fill your stomach without thinking of putting up weight. Also, the crunchier taste of it makes it perfect for sandwiches and salads.


One can consume it in its raw form. Consume shredded iceberg with avocado mixture and other vegetables.

Turnip Greens

Turnip is a root plant similar to beetroots. It can be consumed both ways as roots and leaves. Turnip leaves are filled with nutrients more than its root. It is full of Vitamin A, K, manganese, and folate. Further, the vegetable lowers the risk of several health problems. Turnip greens help in curing cancer and infections. Further, the consumption of turnip leaves helps in reducing stress due to antioxidants present in it.


People generally consume it after cooking as the spicy flavor goes away.

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