Important Facts About Asthma And Preventive Measures

Asthma is a chronic condition that takes place when the airways turn narrow and starts swelling.  It results in the production of extra mucus. It creates problem in breathing and leads to cough, wheezing and lack of breathing. For a few people, asthma is not a big disease. However, for a few these problems affects the other activities of the body and gives rise to a severe asthma attack. Given below are a few facts associated with it.

Asthma Occurs in Children in the Rarest of Rare Incidences:

A lot of people believe this myth that asthma outstrips when children start developing smoking habits during the teenage life. However, 95 percent of children suffer even though they don’t smoke.

Similar Life Expectancy:

A lot of people have this assumption that the life expectancy of a normal person is greater than that of a person with mild asthma. However, this assumption is completely wrong as the number of years one is expected to live is more or less the same for both types of people. On the other hand, it is slightly different for people who suffer from the chronic disease. Their life expectancy is usually different from that of a normal person.

There is No Pre-stated Reason:

The research around the cause is still going on. People who share a family history are usually more prone to suffer from it during the later stages of their life. Till now, only the symptoms associated with it have been recognized by medical experts.

Non-allergens Trigger an Asthma Attack:

Apart from inheriting from parents, one can also get it from non-allergen sources. The smoke from tobacco, certain exercises, medications with certain drugs, infections along the respiratory path is some of the common reasons for the trigger in people. Apart from all these factors, emotional factors also contribute to a large extent. These factors range from high emotional stress to excessive crying or sometimes even laughing way too hard.

A Non Communicable Disease:

A lot of people have developed this false notion that it can transfer from one person to another by the way of contact. However, this is in sharp contrast to reality. No asthma patient can transfer this disease to his/her fellow counterparts.

Not Age Oriented:

For those of you who feel that the disease can only attack a person at a certain age, this assumption is completely false. It is not at all related to the age of a person.

One might even inherit this chronic illness from their parents since birth. Other people also develop it because of their over -rained work schedules that leave no time for medications.

Preventive Measures:

1. Say Hello to Physical Exercises:

A number of physicians in the past believed in restricting children from indulging in physical pursuits as it were considered harmful for health. However, the time has been changing and a lot of doctors prescribe some set of physical movements to include in the daily routine.

Those exercises train the muscles which are used for the breathing process. As a result, they help in improving the breathing status of the person, improving the overall functionality of the lungs.

2. Stay Away from Cigarettes:

People who indulge in smoking are much more prone to it. As a result, there are high chances of them contributing to the growth of asthma.

3. Indoor Air Pollution also Triggers Asthma:

Most of the people try to tandem external air pollution because it leads to many respiratory problems. On the other hand, the abilities of indoor air pollution are extremely underrated owing to ignoring the fact that dust and unhygienic condition happens at home as well.

However, people suffering from mild symptoms can lead to chronic stages if they don’t have air purifier inside their houses. An air purifier can be a huge help for such people as it helps in filtering the pollutants from the air making it fresh for the breathing process.

4. Avoid Polluted Water:


Since polluted air is one of the major reasons for the spread of asthma, most of the people have ignored the fact. The amount of illness that can be triggered by polluted water. The presence on contaminants in the water is a huge trigger for an asthma patient.

Water contaminants like Chlorine and fluoride have been worsening the health of already affected asthma patients. Chlorine is responsible for worsening sneezing and coughing among children. Hence, focusing on the clean water needs of the family is an important aspect to control asthma.

5. Asthma Increases without Treatment:

Once you are suffering from mild symptoms and are repeatedly delaying your treatment, it increases the chance of being chronic in the future. As a result, as soon as you are aware of the fact that you are suffering from asthma, consult a doctor immediately.

Treatment for Asthma:

The treatment of this disease is still possible only to a small extent. One can only control or prevent the causes. Likewise, medical science is still trying to discover a complete cure for it. A person can only control the causes of asthma by consuming certain pills or taking injections which have been prescribed by the doctor. A routine visit to the physician is also an important part of the treatment procedure.

Even though more or less asthma becomes a part of the patient’s life, it is important to take measures to prevent it. Hence, routine checkups regularly is advised and one should never compromise on the hygiene levels of their environment.

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