How to treat Hypertension medically


The other name for hypertension is high blood pressure. Thus both the terms remain interchangeable concerning conditions and treatment. Hypertension can lead to serious medical conditions leading to cardiac disease, heart attack, and even death. During this medical condition, the pressure from the blood is exerted over the walls of the blood vessels, which rely more on the heart and the work it carries out and the resistance found in the blood vessels.

As per the medical experts, hypertension occurs when blood pressure exceeds 130 over 80 mm of mercury. As per reports, more than 85 million US citizens are the victims of hypertension. To address this problem, one has to make specific changes in his or her life along with the medications and other treatment options.

Let’s check how hypertension can be treated medically as under:

Hypertension, Blood pressure
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Medications to treat Hypertension

There are several medications, which can be relied on while fighting hypertension. Some of the common ones are as under:

Thiazide (Diuretics):

At times it is known as the water pills, which are medications that take care of the kidneys to allow the human body reduce the sodium and water, which eventually reduces the blood volume. This medication is among the most preferred medicines for combating hypertension, however, it can be even consumed with the combination of hydrochlorothiazide (Microzide), and chlorthalidone to name a few. If you consume this medication and yet find your blood pressure on the higher side, talk to your doctor to change the medication. These can often work for the older people; however, one can experience a common side effect of getting an increased urination.

Beta blockers:

These medications are effective in treating hypertension. It helps in reducing the workload over the heart along with opening up the blood vessels as well thus reducing the heart beat at a slower rate along with the lesser force. The Beta blockers are seen having acebutolol (Sectral) along with atenolol (Tenormin). However, when the beta blockers are consumed alone, they might not work too often especially for the older or black people. It can remain effective only when these are combined with the other common BP medications.

ACE (Angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors:

These medications help the patient to relax their blood vessels by preventing the formation of several natural chemicals inside his or her body, which ends up narrowing down the blood vessels. The chronic kidney disease patients are more likely to benefit the most with this medication.

Besides, these medications, there are several other medications to beat hypertension which include Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), Calcium channel blockers, and Renin inhibitors to name a few. You can consume any of these discussing your doctor as per your medical conditions.

Hypertension or High BP Treatment Follow-Up

Once you start your treatment medically with the drug therapy, make sure you meet your doctor on a regular interval. You should at least meet your doctor once in a month until you find the blood pressure going down and fulfilling your requirements. Make sure you check the level of the potassium in your blood once or twice a year. With the help of diuretics, you can reduce this, and seek the help of ACE inhibitors along with the ARBs one can see it increasing. Once you are able to meet your BP goals, you can continue meeting your doctor 3-4 times a year, which will, however, depend upon your overall medical conditions.

Hypertension, BP

Wrapping up

Once you continue your drug therapy against hypertension, you are required to make some necessary changes in your lifestyle to make the medical treatment for the high blood pressure effects. These include consuming a healthy diet (with less salt), regular exercise or physical activities, say no to smoking and alcohol and reduce and maintain a balanced weight.

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