How to Reverse Pre-Diabetes with Diet

A healthy and nutritious diet is one of the most important secrets of a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. If you are not taking a proper diet with all the required nutrition, you can’t be healthy for a long time. And when it comes to conditions like pre-diabetes, the role of diabetes becomes even more important.

What do you understand with the term “pre-diabetes”? You can say, pre-diabetes is like a wakeup call with characteristic symptoms of a slight increase in blood glucose level. It is one of the most important signs alerting about the risk of progression to type 2 diabetes. It is not something serious, but ignoring the signs of pre-diabetes can be very harmful to your health. You can control or reverse all the symptoms associated with pre-diabetes. Read on to know more about the condition, and how can you reverse it only with diet.

What is Pre-Diabetes?

It is a much-needed wake-up call for you. It is an indication that there is something wrong with your lifestyle. You don’t need to get stressed about the condition. You should be thankful that you get the opportunity to keep diabetes especially the type 2 diabetes at bay. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring some important changes to your lifestyle including diet, managing workload, stress management, physical exercise etc. Here are some steps to reverse pre-diabetes with diet.

Manage Your Weight:

Check if your weight is increased. If you are already obese, try to reduce your weight by healthy options like proper diet, physical work, low sugar intake etc. There is no short-cut for weight loss; you need to bring some major changes to your lifestyle. If you are finding it difficult to reduce your weight, try to make sure it isn’t going in an upward direction as well. If someone’s body weight is about 200 pounds and is successful to get rid of even 10 to 12 pounds, the chances of getting diabetes are reduced by 50-60 %!


Stress Management:

Mental stress is one of the most important responsible factors for problems like diabetes. If you are noticing some symptoms of pre-diabetes, check whether you are feeling some mental stress. Having a diabetic diet is never going to be enough if you are feeling stress and anxiety of even low grade. Try to find out the exact cause of your stress and get rid of it as soon as possible. If you are unable to manage your stress, getting help from a psychologist should be your biggest priority.

Increase Physical Workout:

Before starting a pre-diabetes diet, make sure your body is getting proper and constant movement on a daily basis. Start your workout with mild exercises and normal walking, and increase the intensity slowly and steadily. If you are involved in a sitting profession, get short breaks of five to ten minutes and walk regularly. Proper and constant physical exercise will always keep you in good physical and mental shape, and you can reverse pre-diabetes with a healthy diet and physical workout.

Improve Your Diet:

You don’t need to bring drastic changes to your diet. Start to learn what you are eating, what are you getting from the food items you have on a daily basis. Make sure you are not only satisfying your appetite. Add fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, healthy carbohydrates, and low-fat-milk etc. in your diet.

Most Suitable Pre-Diabetes Diet Plan:

Add Fiber-Rich to your diet. There are plenty of benefits to having fibers. Fiber keeps you fuller for very long and stops you from overeating. Add plenty of fibers like beans, legumes, whole-grain bread, whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta, fruits, and vegetables with edible skin to successfully reverse the pre-diabetes.

Reduce Sugar Intake:

If you are having a high amount of sugar, it’s the perfect time to reduce its consumption. Sugar in liquid form is even more dangerous in conditions like pre-diabetes. If possible, replace the sugar with raw honey. Having honey with your drinks isn’t only going to keep diabetes at bay, it will also assist you to manage your weight.

Avoid Fatty Meat:

There is no carbohydrate in meat, but it is an excellent source of saturated and Trans fat. If you want to take meat, try to cut off the fat.


Choose for Protein-Rich Food Items:

Having a great amount of protein from food items like egg whites, soybean, cod, haddock, halibut, tuna fishes, lean beef cuts, low-fat Greek yogurt can be a great option to limit the chances of suffering from diabetes. One of the most important benefits of protein is it helps proper production of hormones and enzymes, imbalance of any of the one can cause problems like diabetes.

Have More Water:

Last but not least, drink a lot of water every day. Dehydration is also an important cause for so many health-related issues. Make sure you are having plenty of water along with the diabetic diet. The amount of water you should drink on a daily basis depends on your height, body weight, the amount of your physical and mental work, the climate and atmosphere of the area you are living etc. You can monitor your water intake by the volume of the urine you pass every day. Also, notice the color of urine, it should be pale yellow.

The Conclusion:

Pre-diabetes is not something very serious for your health, but it is a much-needed alert to bring some positive and healthy changes in your lifestyle. It is pretty much possible to reverse the pre-diabetes only with the help of a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle including adequate physical workout and proper stress management. Understand the signals you are getting in case of pre-diabetes and bring necessary changes to avoid diabetes.

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