How to Prevent Obesity in Kids and Adults – Symptoms and Treatment

Obesity is one such serious medical condition amongst several others which affects the children and adolescents the most. The obese children are considered overweight as per their age and height.

Childhood obesity is a troublesome path as the extra pounds accompanies several health problems for them. Health troubles like blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol etc., were considered adult issues long back, however, nowadays these are very common to appear in obese children. Besides these, another big issue which appears is of low self-esteem and depression, especially amongst obese adolescents.

Obesity trouble in children occurs either mainly because of hereditary or due to bad eating habits. So parents need to apply the best strategies to improve the eating and exercise habits of their kids for the better health of the family.

What are the obesity symptoms in kids?

Every child with slight to moderate excessive pounds is not obese. However, some children tend to form larger body frames. Also, the body of a child keeps transforming with growth and the fat accumulation varies at different body parts. So sometimes visually it becomes difficult to analyze if a child is obese or not.

The best way to follow as a guideline is BMI or body mass index. It is accepted and followed the way to measure overweight and analyze obesity, even by the doctors.

Sometimes obesity accompanies a few other health issues like:

  • High cholesterol and high blood pressure problems
  • Early heart disorders
  • Skin troubles like acne and fungal infections etc.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome (It occurs because of the presence of a cluster of several health problems)
  • Asthma
  • Sleep disorder etc.


These are such disorders which can sometimes appear as symptoms for obesity diagnosis. These mainly complicates the emotional, physical, and social well-being of any child. But the presence of such diseases further complicate obesity situation. So in case you doubt being overweight about your child, do not wait for any further and get a BMI evaluation of your child.

What is the main cause ofobesity in children?

Children do not become overweight overnight. There are certainly many causes which lead towards obesity besides hereditary passing on of obesity-linked genes. Some of them include lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, stress, and medical reasons like hormonal problems in rare cases etc.

When you must consult a doctor?

If you are stressed about your child’s weight or you observe any other related symptoms than you must consult a doctor for better advise. This will help you understand if your worry is right or wrong. Early is the detection of obesity easy is the way to treat it.


There is no certain medicine which can help cure obesity. However, there are few measures which when taken with discipline can surely help control and manage and finally cure obesity condition. You can always seek a doctor’s or dietician’s advice to provide you with a diet chart with do’s and don’ts. Also, BMI evaluation is a must every year for your child especially for the ones on the heavier side.

They include:

  • Limiting your child’s sugar content and sugar based food items even sweet beverages.
  • Replacing bad junk food habits with healthy snacking on vegetables and fruits etc.
  • Eating a small portion sized five to six meals in a day.
  • Portion sized must be controlled during main meals to avoid overeating.
  • Avoiding TV time during meals to prevent overeating.
  • Help your kids develop a healthy relationship with healthy foods and avoid overindulgence with foods.
  • Limit unhealthy stocking of groceries which is an easy target at home for kids to binge on.
  • Encourage them to participate in physical activities, sports or games of their own interest. It also helps in shedding out extra calories as well and boosts their confidence.
  • Always counsel your kids and motivate them and support them to fight with a disease like obesity.
  • Encourage them to follow a proper diet chart and sleeping patterns to avoid any hormonal imbalance especially in adolescents.

If your child is already overweight or reaching a point of being overweight or possess a healthy body weight, you can still take measures to keep everything on track and avoid the condition of obesity always.

Is prevention better than cure?

Yes! Prevention is always better than cure.In the case of obesity, it is easier to prevent it rather than later getting a complete cure from it. It has a direct connection with several chronic health diseases which become difficult to treat over time.

So the parents must focus on preventions and lifestyle changes of their children to keep obesity at bay. It is essential to maintain a healthy body weight by opting a balanced diet and regular physical activity plan in children. It also helps in their overall body and mind development keeping them away from several diseases.

Take away

Always insist on healthy weight management and instruct your children accordingly to achieve those small targets. To tackle obesity it requires constant motivation and determination to abide by small goals to reach up to bigger goals. Cultivating good eating habits in children like snacking more on fruits and vegetables instead of junk food is the first step which leads to fruitful goals. At times, it becomes important to counsel our children with the help of a doctor or dietician to enable them to understand how important our diet chart and physical activity is in reality for our good health. Adolescents are hard to tackle with a more tailored approach of every aspect since they are already under the impact of hormonal changes, which makes them stubborn to understand parenting instructions.

If required you can always provide your children with a good personal trainer to enable them to understand their short and long-term goals of the physical activity.

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