How To Maintain Weight When You Have Heart Disease?

Obesity is a common problem seen when one fails to maintain weight. In the current world, one out of four people is obese. Thus, obesity is further connected to several diseases in the body. Especially obesity raises the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Among these, a high level of cholesterol makes an additional count. Other problem includes high blood pressure and metabolism disturbance. Moreover, obesity is also connected to hypertension and a higher risk of heart failure.

However, there are ways to check yourself for the risk of heart disease. Thus, our body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference can be checked. Firstly, if your BMI is higher than 30, it shows the high level of obesity. Secondly, waist circumference higher than 35 inches in women raise the level of heart disease. However, the value is 40 inches or higher for men. These value shows the high abdominal fat. Hence, it raises the risk of heart failure. Hence, it is important to maintain weight for a healthy heart.

Get Moving

A daily exercise routine can lower the risk of heart disease. Following a daily exercise routine can help in eliminating the upcoming disease which can strain your heart. Further, related problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol are lowered. If you are not active, start gradually. Please make sure to consult doctors for the routine.

If you are a heart patient, do not take a quick start. Rather start with slow exercise with moderate intensity. Hence, one may include brisk walking, swimming, and bike riding. The weekly routine of 150 minutes can help to maintain weight as well as a good heart. If you love strengthening exercise, chose to do it once or twice a week. Even small activities help in keeping your heart alive and happy. Invest your time in roaming with your dog, housekeeping and other activities. Thus, slowly increasing your pace will make a big difference.

Healthy Heart Diet                                                         

A healthy diet along with exercise can help you tackle all the problems. It can help to maintain weight, lowering cholesterol and heart diseases as well. Most importantly, the risk of type 2 diabetes is lowered. One should include the following foods in their diet:

  • Have lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Beans and pulses are great sources of protein.
  • Meat-based diet loving people should opt for lean meat or fish.
  • Choose healthy fats in your diet. For example, refined oil can be replaced by olive oil.

Mediterranean Diet

Maintain Weight

In order to avoid hypertension, one should follow the Mediterranean diet. This diet includes the above-said points along with limiting the intake of the following things:

  • Intake of sugar and salt should be limited.
  • Avoid processed carbohydrates. Add complex carbs and protein in your diet.
  • Saturated fat should not be consumed. Avoid red meat and fried products.

Get Good Sleep

Lack of sleep makes you lose your physical or mental activeness. Except for laziness, lack of sleep can harm you much more. It can cause high blood pressure, obesity and risk to a heart attack as well. Also, sleep is a remedy to maintain weight. Additionally, it can cause depression in the long run which can lead to heart problems. Adults need around seven to eight hours of sleep a day. In case you don’t have proper sleep, make sure to set a sleep routine. For example, choose to go to bed early.

Sleep disorders are the main cause of heart failure. Snoring or obstruction in the airways can be serious. Hence, all of this may happen due to overweight. Make sure to have proper sleep to maintain weight.

Manage Stress

Ways of dealing with stress are different for every individual. Few people indulge themselves in drinking, smoking, and overeating. Because of this, you may gain more weight along with heart problems. Rather chose a healthier way to release stress. Therefore, one can practice meditation to improve the heart’s health. It will also relax your mind. Hence, this way you can maintain weight as well as heart health.

Get a Regular Health Screening

High blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes can put your heart on risk. You might feel that you are alright. But the numbers from the test may change your mind. Therefore, one should go for a screening test. The test result will later your mind to manage your weight.

High Blood Pressure Test

Starting from the age of 18, you should go for a screening test. This should be measured once in two years. High blood pressure can be a cause of heart failure.

Cholesterol Level

Always keep a check on the cholesterol level. Even if you look fine, make sure to check it once in four to six years. For family history of heart problems, it is even more important to keep a check.

Type 2 Diabetes Screening

The third most important test is the diabetes test. This is directly related to weight gain and can cause heart problems. One should go for preventive checkups for diabetes after 45 years of age. In order to control diabetes, thus, one should maintain weight.