How To Lose Weight During Breastfeeding Period?

Want to lose weight while breastfeeding? Here are some simple solutions for you. There is a general myth that women loses weight while breastfeeding. While others believe that it becomes difficult to regain the figure similar to pre-pregnancy period. Neither can be said to be true. Yes, it is true that it does burn some calories while feeding the baby but she does not lose weight. Because it makes the mother hungry than usual. A hungry mother who is sleep-deprived intends to eat more, which does not allow her much to lose weight. In order to answer the query of the wondering mothers for losing weight, this article discusses how to sustain a weight loss along with producing healthy, nutrient-rich milk for the baby.

Maintain a Healthy Diet while Breastfeeding


Before following a healthy diet, the mother should be aware that she is getting intake of enough calories. While feeding the baby, she burns calories. So, she should add an additional 300 to 500 calories per day. There should be a total daily consumption of 2,200 to 2500 calories. It is extremely normal to be extra hungry and also to stay hungry while feeding the child.

  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables: Intake of fruits and vegetables in large portions is very healthy.
  • Consume Protein: Protein is found in most of the food. But eating ‘lean’ protein is more helpful. It is found in chicken breast, fish, protein powder and beans.
  • Consumtion Healthy Fats: It seems strange to add fats to your diet while trying to lose weight. But eating adequate healthy fats is good for the mother and also for the baby during breastfeeding.
  • Some beneficial fats are found in the following foods: walnut, almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocados.

Include Moderate Exercise while Breastfeeding

Maintaining a healthy diet is is just half way, in order to lose weight. Moreover, a mother needs to incorporate some exercises to her daily routine as well. When we think about exercise, a picture of gym and yoga classes comes to mind, but with a baby on your lap, it is merely impossible. Thus, some exercise for home includes:

  • Cardiovascular(Cardio): Mild cardio exercise will shed you some sweat. It is also good for your heart, lung, and blood circulation.
  • Weight-bearing: It helps in strengthening your muscles and bones while losing the extra fats.
  • Regularly follow your routine to get the perfect result. Above all, the mother should also consume sufficient calories to make sure that the body has enough nutrients to produce milk.
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Add Adequate Amount of Sleep

Sleep is another important thing in the post-pregnancy period along with diet and exercise. But it becomes difficult for a mother to get adequate sleep when she is feeding her newborn baby. However, one cannot deprive much sleep even if it is difficult. Because, when a person sleeps, the body repairs itself and helps it to be in a state of healthiness. When a person gets sufficient sleep, his/her blood pressure reaches to normal, relaxes the muscles, normalizes the supply of blood to muscles. Thus, it increases the growth of hormones; heart rate and breathing stabilizes and gives you more energy.

So, even if the mother is doing all other things to lose weight, if she misses her sleep, there results won’t be fruitful. Sleeping for around seven hours at night is recommended by the experts. Even it is difficult to sleep all night because of the newborn baby, it is suggested to take naps when the baby is sleeping. This will help the body of the mother to recover and stay healthy and fit.

Frequent Breastfeeding

It is completely ok to feed your baby when there is demand. If the mother thinks that the little one is having it more, the baby knows how much to take, so there is nothing to worry. When she nurses the baby on demand, she will burn more calories.

When the mother exercises more, she loses weight. However, the body is supposed to know that even if there is weight loss, the body is required to produce milk. That is why it is important to breastfeed frequently or on-demand.

While Feeding, Avoid Quick Fixes

When you think of losing weight while feeding, there can be a lot of things to consider. But the most important thing is to remember that the mother needs to produce milk. The trends which a mother tends to follow for weight loss has a great impact on the supply of milk. The top priority should be breast-feeding. When there is intense exercise, you lose weight quickly but it will decrease the production of milk. So, the mother should be cautious of the opportunity for a quick-fix diet or any intense exercise. The weight will automatically come off, when the tips are followed regularly.

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Meet a Nutritionist

Pursuing to meet a nutritionist while breastfeeding is a wise option for a mother who tends to lose weight. After all, a nutritionist is an expert in the area of nutrition and diet. Specifying the goals to the nutritionist is important. When a mother specifies her intention of losing weight while feeding the baby, the nutritionist will guide you accordingly. A nutritionist will provide you with proper diet plan.

These are some of the tips for mothers, who are feeding their newborn babies as well as excited to lose weight. The most important thing while maintaining these tips is to have patience. Because the body has undergone some major changes. Therefore, she should have patience and take some time to regain the pre-pregnancy shape to stay fit.


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