How To Keep Yourself Calm In Panic Situations

Everyone in their life, sooner or later, has gone through panic situations. Especially a serious situation in the workplace can make you panic. Further, followed by the stress can lead to a complete breakdown of the person. These changes can cause a long term effect on your health. Also, these problems reduce the work capacity of oneself. All the great achievers could not reach their goal without the potential. It is worthless if they do not have the talent to deal with panic situations. Everyone has to learn how to act calmly in stressful situations. Be it any profession, staying calm is the key to success. For this, you should be mentally strong enough to deal with the situations.

Below we are suggesting the ways to deal with panic situations.

Slow Down or Take a pause from Everything

This step saves you from facing the aftereffects of a particular reaction. In panic situations, stop yourself from an immediate reaction. For this, you need to be patient. The time period can be utilized to collect information on the situation. For self-analysis, one should imagine the situation later in life. Also, one should rate the importance of the problem at a later stage in life.

An important aspect could be to imagine the situation with the perspective of another person. By doing so, you will overcome the emotional attachment. Further, this will help you in developing an unbiased opinion.

Focus on your Senses

During panic situations, our body goes through sudden stress mode. This is commonly known as a stress attack. In this situation, the body releases a hormone called adrenaline. This hormone puts a strain on the blood vessels leading to rapid breathing. These signs lead to heart problems and high blood pressure. Repetition of the same situation can make your brain habitual. For these reasons, the response is named as automatic reactivity.

The panic situation demands to slow down and focus on your senses. These include long and slow breathing. This can keep you calm instead of automatic reactivity. Brain activity is improved after analyzing through senses. Also, in signs like sweating and racing heartbeat, analyze them being neutral.

Limit Caffeine

Panic Situations

Most of us are used to have caffeine in stressful situations. Consumption of caffeine can make it even worse. Again, coffee gives a boost to the adrenaline hormones. Hence, you feel more active with large physical strength. But, the boost of energy is only momentary and later you feel tired. Also, the coffee intake in the afternoon can cause sleeping disorders. Hence, do not consume excess coffee. In order to keep yourself hydrated, choose water in place of fizzy drinks or caffeine.

Stay Positive

In panic situations, your mind tends to think in different directions. Usually, it thinks of the negative side. This is not good for your health. If your mind keeps thinking, it will be difficult to keep yourself away from stress. Hence, it may spike your blood pressure as well. Cut yourself from the negativeness that enters your mind. Think of some positive thoughts. Further, it will help you to remain calm. Moreover, it will give you an approach for the movement of your body.


Stay away from the situation for some time. Disconnect with the people and the situation for an hour or so. Whenever you feel pressure in panic situations, try to cut yourself. After the break, you will be able to start with a fresh mind. Also, it will help you to deal with the situation with a better approach.

Call a Trusted Friend or Mentor

A friend supports you emotionally in all difficult situations. Usually, panic situations are complicated to handle alone. It is better to call someone in a stressful atmosphere. Someone who is not mentally involved can analyze the case better. Further, a different perspective is given to the thoughts in mind. Hence, it is important to reach out to your close ones and feel grounded. It will help in controlling stress and anxiety. Also, when you explain the problem to someone else, you come up with a different approach.

Develop a Coping Strategy

A project with a deadline can put you under stress. It can make you sit in the office for long hours. Some people, even work on weekends. If you stay in this stressful situation for a long time, it can cause long term damage to your health.

In order to cop up with the situation, make a habit to enjoy. This can be done even through small efforts like meditation in the morning. In this case, make a routine habit of exercising or walking. This will help in boosting your stamina. Also, it will empower you to deal with situations better.

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