How to keep kidneys healthy

Overview of the kidneys

The kidneys are top of the list of vital organs of the body. It helps in the filtration of blood giving a blood to the body which is clean and purified by its hard and non-stop around the clock working. The smallest unit of the kidney is nephron and there are several million nephrons present in each kidney of the body contributing to the process of blood purification.

The eliminate the waste and reabsorb the required essential nutrients and send them back into the bloodstream so that it can be utilized in the body for nourishment. Kidneys do so much for the whole body.  Still taking them granted for their functioning thinking they are designed to perform that task would just be so wrong. The way kidneys do so much for the whole body it’s the turn of an individual to reward his or her own kidneys with some care to ensure its long-term and healthy functioning nothing more than this. The healthy kidney will only lead to an overall healthy body.


What are the different ways ensure healthy kidneys?


Your kidneys work so hard every moment every single day. So it’s the owner’s responsibility to keep them in good shape an again it will only benefit your own health ultimately. So try and opt for small lifestyle changes in diet and detox routines. Focusing on these small things will make a big difference in keeping the kidneys healthy.

Follow the steps below to ensure healthy kidneys:

  • Monitor blood pressure:

    Always make it a habit of regular monitoring of blood pressure if you are diagnosed with it. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for causing kidney diseases. It puts more stress on the kidneys.

  • Monitor diabetes:

    If you are diagnosed with the diabetic condition than you must monitor this as well on regular basis. Depending upon your sugar levels you may choose to monitor it weekly or biweekly basis. Diabetes is another biggest concern for the kidney health beside blood pressure. It causes damage to the kidneys over the time.

  • Taking prescribed medications on time:

    It is very important to take your medicines on time if you have any underlying disease. Other diseases are known to attack the kidneys if not treated properly with medications.

  • Keep yourself fit: 

    Exercising and eating the right thing at the right time is the key of the healthy body. Regular exercise and eating right helps maintain good heart and weight. It even helps in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels in control which is very important for healthy kidneys. For exercising you may go for anything you are comfortable with like walking, cycling, simple cardio, swimming, yoga, and even any modified forms like Zumba.


  • Reduce salt intake in your diet:

    Keeping the sodium levels low and taking no more than 2,300 mg a day helps in reducing overburdening of the kidneys to create electrolyte balance. Always check for labeled packaging of purchased food for the salt or sodium content.

  • Keep yourself hydrated with water: 

    Dehydration leads to a hypovolemic state which further triggers kidney abnormalities. So to avoid all best is ensure 2 to 3 liters of water daily. You may even go for healthy lemon infused or fruits infused drinks preferably without sugar to avoid any extra calorie intake to abrupt blood sugar levels as well as avoid any weight gain. Drinking ample amount of fluid helps in flushing out of all toxins from the body and makes kidneys function properly. Less water intake, is indicated by dark yellow colored urine. To ensure plenty of water without overdoing it more than 5 liters and overburdening the kidneys. If you already have a pre-existing renal disease than consult your doctor for an exact amount of fluids you must consume daily.


  • Quit alcohol:

    It is always preferable to quit alcoholic drinks. Otherwise, limiting it to just one drink a day for the women and two at the max for the men will be best. A drink equals normally 12 ounces of beer and 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits, like rum, gin, tequila, vodka, or whiskey.

  • Quit smoking:

    Smoking is never good for health. However, in case of kidneys, it’s a bad news by firstly affecting the blood flow towards the organs including the kidneys. Secondly, if a person has a blood pressure condition than the medicines of high blood pressure, affects by the smoking. Which further can lower the efficacy of the medicine to control blood pressure and hence it can pose a risk to the kidneys. So make it a top priority to quit smoking for your own health. Further quitting smoking will leave you with many benefits overall and attain a healthy body will be the top one.

  • Go for regular checkups:

    Getting regular full body checkups ensure a fit and healthy body. Moreover, if there is any malfunctioning than you will get to know it in early stages while checkups. If during checkups your doctor gets any clue about a kidney function. Then few more blood tests will make it clear by revealing the values of glomerular filtration rate (GFR), kidney function. Any abnormal findings, taken care of by treatment. Further urine tests for the presence of albumin protein, done by the doctor for further evaluation of disease if any.

  • Go for natural detox ways to cleanse your kidneys:

    A regular routine of cleansing and detoxing the kidneys is essential using herbs like basil or olive oil addition in a daily diet or even opting for green teas helps. This keeps the kidneys healthy and efficient in functioning.

Following few tips on a daily basis and being aware and vigilant about your own health can only help in maintaining good and healthy kidneys.


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