How To Identify If You Are Suffering From Alcohol Problem?

In today’s world, most people are suffering from alcohol problems. This problem is also named as a drinking problem. This is referred to as a state where a person seeks happiness in drinking. Further, they keep drinking on top priority in comparison to other hobbies or work. Hence, restrictions from family or friends can make the problem worse.  Some people think and assume that they are drinking out of habit only. But habit becomes problematic in the longer run. Hence, it is important to understand the signs of an alcohol problem. You may judge by yourself whether you have the problem or not. Among uncountable signs of being alcoholic, only a few of them can be seen. Mild alcohol consumption is acceptable. But, serious and major consumption should not be unnoticed. In some cases, people try to hide their drinking habits. As a result, the problem becomes more complicated.

Common Signs of Alcohol Problem:

You are suffering from a serious drinking problem if you face the below signs.

Developing Stage of Drinking Habit:

  • Someone who is drinking throughout the night or day. Once you start drinking, you can’t stop. If you are at a party or any function, you can’t say no to anyone.
  • You always think about drinking. After drinking you feel guilty some times. But, you can’t stop yourself from drinking.
  • You often feel hangover the next morning. This can turn into morning sickness. Further, this can continue for the full day as well. Due to this you always feel tired and sleepy. It turns you into a lethargic person.
  • Alcohol is the topmost priority for you. Even restrictions from family and friends can make it worse. You always feel irritate and look for other ways of drinking.
  • Because of alcohol, you feel a lack of concentration. You are not able to focus on office work or home activities. This creates a problem for other people. The problem can sometimes convert into a fight.

Stages when Someone is Addicted to Drinking:

Alcohol Problem

  • You start forgetting things. This is often termed as short term memory loss problem. Following this, the problem may get worse. A person can face temporary blackouts. As a result, the person may get hurt if nobody is around.
  • Due to alcohol, close relationships are spoiled. Above all, you feel the need for drinking. As a result, this creates an imbalance in your family life.
  • All your hobbies are no more interesting to you. Further, you keep losing interest in all the activities. As a result, you give up on things easily. The ultimate goal is to look out for alcohol.
  • Sometimes alcohol may switch your mood at once. It makes you feel stressed and more depressed. Moreover, a person develops anger and remains in an angry mood.
  • You start making a distance from your loved ones. You start staying in isolation from others. Further, this may lead to loneliness and other related problems.
  • You feel happy and relaxed after drinking alcohol. In the long run, to achieve the same happiness level, you need to drink more. Every time you drink alcohol, the capacity, and level of drinking increase continuously.
  • On more serious notes, you may feel restlessness and shiver in the body. Also, your heart beats faster than usual.

Online Tests to Check Alcohol Problem

Online tests are basically a questionnaire about your habit of drinking. This is basically a quiz with the answer yes or no. Depending on the answers, the result is decided. On the basis of the test, if a person is an alcoholic should consult a doctor. Among the entire tests, the most common test is:

CAGE Test:

As most Americans are suffering from alcohol problems. This test is made and designed by an American. The series of questions involve:

  • Did you ever feel to quit drinking at any stage of life?
  • People around you keep poking you about quitting alcohol. This always annoys you. Hence, you try to hide from others while drinking.
  • Did you feel guilty about the drinking habit at any point of drinking?
  • Start from the morning itself you feel the need for drinking. Afterward, you want to start your work. This happens due to the lack of attention.

In the above quiz, if the answer to 2 or more questions is yes you should take your drinking problem more seriously. In the case of the above signs, the doctor will give you the best advice and treatment. Further, the rehab centers is also an option.

Following the above advice, one should share the secret to closed ones. They can help you in controlling the habit. Further, one should have a friend or family member who can pull you out.

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