How to Distress Your Body after Party Binge

Like all the other occasions, Party celebrations come with its baggage of yummy food and drinks which is difficult to resist. Parties mean eat, eat, drink and dance till your feet give up. And the celebration is not limited till the 31st of December it continues till the first week of January with meeting up friends over lunch and dinner or coffee. This results in binging.

So what exactly is binging?

Binging is to indulge in an activity, especially eating in excess. During any ocassion, you have guests at home, everybody is having fun time you simply stuff yourself with food so much so that you do not know if your stomach is yelling you to stop. Binging not only bloats you but takes away your enthusiasm and zest for life. If timely actions aren’t taken, it could only break you further. Take a breather. Worry not, as we help you to distress your body and live a healthy life.

Tips to beat that party binge!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not an option to distress. Rather start your day with a healthy meal which helps you get on track and nutritionists say that you will binge less. Pick a meal that is high in fiber such as fruits, veggies and pair them with protein foods such as legumes or whole grains for a nutritious meal.

  • Go for a walk

If you have overeaten or feel that your tummy has become full, going for walks will help ease bloating or that uncomfortable feeling of fullness. It can help burn extra calories and 45 minutes walk at least three times in a week helps you to lose at least 1.5% of your body and belly fat.

Walking not only helps in reducing your weight but uplifts you mentally which results in improvement of your mood and banishes negative feelings. Most of the times negativity triggers binging.

  • Stay with H2O

Drinking water may increase metabolism to burn off those extra calories. Studies have shown that drinking water can help you lose weight and reduce calorie intake. There is no fixed number of glasses of water to drink but ideally it is advisable to drink when you’re body demands and when you feel thirsty.


It is also advisable to drink water before any meal so that your tummy feels full and you can avoid binging.

  • Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals may not entirely help you to reduce weight in a significant manner. This will not help in distressing rather will make you feel more bloated. Many nutritionists say that eating three proper meals in a day helps to keep your weight in check.

Skipping dinner may not help in distressing rather it is advisable to have it before 7 pm for proper digestion and good sleep.

  • Good Night Sleep

Festive season means less of sleep more of fun and then stressful days. Try to get good night’s sleep to maintain your body weight. The more you are up at night, the more you would crave for food and this may not entirely overcome binging.

Studies say that sleep deprivation has been strongly associated with increased food intake. This may alter the level of hormones that trigger hunger.

  • Yoga

Although it may sound too clichéd but yoga does help to curb distress after that serious party binging. For example, Vajraasana helps in digesting food, making you feel less bloated.

Doing Suryanamaskar (if you do not have any health related problems) at least thrice or five times a day can help a long way.

No matter what the occasion,  remember to eat in moderation.

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