How To Deal With Your Sinus Problem In Winter?

As the cold weather sets in, many people are bothered by sinus problem. The stuffy nose, frozen ears, and post-nasal drip can create a lot of trouble in winters. Let’s discuss ahead some of the best ways to fight with your sinus problem. And know its causes behind it.

The majority of people may experience cold and cough as the winter season starts. But, how will you decide that this is a common cold and not a sinus infection?

In the cold winter months, you may be surrounded by many infections. And sinus is among one of the winter diseases. Nevertheless, you can make efforts to avoid the infection as the nasal tissue and sinuses block your respiratory system. It may happen because of the dry air in winters. Therefore, the best way to protect from sinus pain is to maintain good hygiene and get the right treatments.

Learn below how sinus infection occurs. Also, get to know how you should stay away from these issues.

Causes of Winter Sinus Problems

Many reasons cause irritating sinus issues. The most prominent reason is the cold weather.

Below are a few things you should avoid strictly if you have a sinus concern.


Inflammation can obstruct the nasal passage. It results in blocking the passage causing allergies. This is a sign of sinus infection. The study says that inflammation can have a serious effect on nasal passage.

Dry Air

The dry humid air has a small amount of fraction air inside your home. This makes your room super dry. This results in causing wreaks disorder in your nasal cavities.

Dust and Debris

During winters we close our windows and doors to avoid the cold weather. Therefore, this lets less fresh air comes in. And the carpet, furniture, and bedding dust might also cause trouble. This can cause a sinus problem. And in some cases also triggers asthma.

More Viruses

The winter months are known for spreading viruses. When the virus settles inside our nose, it can cause a serious sinus infection.

How to Fight with a Sinus Problem

Read some clever ways by which you can protect yourself from sinus problem. It will help you fight against the pain.

Detect the Reason for your Problem

When you face serious coughing then you must get it tested. It might be due to the narrow sinus passages or a deviated septum. Nasal polyps can grow in your passage. Thus, it blocks your nostrils drainage. To protect yourself from the pathways, you must open the passage appropriately. This will need medical help.

Make your Surrounding Humid

Dry weather can cause serious effects on your membranes in your nose. This condition occurs when the mucus dries up. And it also gets thicker to cause clog pores. This results in causing pain and pressure.

The best solution to avoid this is to buy a humidifier. And keep it inside your room. This will help in easing your sinuses in humid temperatures.

Clean out the Dirt

Dirt can also cause sinus problems. You must use a saline solution. It will remove all the allergens, irritants, and excess mucus. All these essentials are available at any drugstore. You can use your solution easily at home. And use it for your nostrils to protect your sinus.

Try to use vacuum cleaner more often. The cleaner will remove all the minute dirt which you may not find with your naked eyes. The cleaner helps in removing pet hair, clouds of dust on your furniture, and can even mop the floors.

Wash your Hands and take Hot Water Bath

sinus problem

As we know that bacteria are present everywhere. This means you have to be careful while using your hand. You must wash your hands. And get a hot water bath to be germ-free.

You may take a steam or apply a warm, moist cloth to your face. This will ease in opening up spaces in your sinus. Thus, you can breathe freely. Try to breathe in and out during a hot shower bath. Furthermore, you can drink plenty of warm liquids to thin out your mucus.

Clear the Air

The pollution around you might also cause trouble for your sinus. Stay away from the pollution, cigarette smoke, hair spray, cleaning products, and material that gives fumes.

It would be best if you quit smoking. Always distant yourself from the smokers. Moreover, during high-pollution days, you must stay at home.

Get Pain Relievers and Anti-inflammatory Medicine

Pain relievers can also help in easing the pain caused by sinus. There are many medicines available at supermarkets and drugstores. Before buying it, read the label and dose carefully. In case of any doubt, you can get a prescription from a doctor. The doctor will advise you better ways to prevent it.

Therefore, when you face a sinus problem, do not take it lightly and avoid the above things. The sinus may increase and become worse during winters. Thus, you must stay vigilant in what you do and where you go. By being cautious, you can reduce your sinus pain and get relief from it.

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