How To Clean The Indoor Air Quality Inside Your Home?

Cleaning the air inside your home can be an extremely a difficult task. People all over the world are much more concerned about the air quality than they were a few years back. This has also encouraged companies to spend on technology that can improve the quality of air. As a result, technology seems to have already advanced in this area of cleanliness.

Even though air purifiers are making it big in several countries, their cost can be a huge pain for people who aren’t earning well. The installation, as well as maintenance of these air purifiers, demands a lot of money. Apart from the technological objects, one can incorporate methods that can help in cleaning indoor air quality. These methods are not only light on the pocket but they are also 100% effective.

Some of those Methods to clean the Air Include:

1. Unlock the Windows:

Almost, all of us love to hide behind locked Windows, thus preventing fresh air to travel inside the house. It also eliminates the possibility of getting rid of harmful pollutants which are present inside your house. This will also help the indoor plants to get their much-needed dose of carbon dioxide and exhale the fresh oxygen in the environment.

2. House Plants for Fresh Air:


Practice the ability of houseplants to improve the air quality of the house. House plants like spider plants do a tremendous job when it comes to decreasing carbon monoxide in the environment. It is also very helpful for people who have pets in their house. Gerbera Daisy is another variety of house plant which helps in removing excess benzene from the environment. House plants like a snake plant also do a good job at filtering formaldehyde from the surrounding. Formaldehyde is commonly found in toilet papers and tissues papers.

Other options to go for include golden pothos, chrysanthemum, rededged dracaena.

3. Start Using Some Essential Oil Diffusers:

Air quality can be tremendously improved by using essential oils. You can use a tea tree oil or Eucalyptus oil based on your requirement. Tea tree oil is exceptionally good and contains antibacterial properties. You can mix it with your household cleaners or can use it for skincare purpose as well. If you are frustrated by the excessive number of dust mites, go for a eucalyptus Essential.

4. Go for Beeswax Candles:

The nature around us creates negative ions that falls on the positive ions. It gets discharged by reason particles. As a result positive ions get removed from the environment. To improve the indoor air quality, use Beeswax candles. It contains negative ions as well. These ions bind the positive ions that float inside your home, leading to a fall in their number. This will help in improving the air quality of your house and also seems fruitful for the health.

If you are concerned about the soot that gets discharged from the candles, then opting for LED candles will be a smart choice.

5. Remove Your Shoes as soon as you Enter the House:

The shoes of a person compile the most dirt on their soles. From the outside environment, they attract all kinds of particles that are present in it. These particles range from bacteria or fungi to Pollen or feces. All these substances continue to degrade the air quality inside your home.

Hence, it is better to take off the shoes as soon as one enters their house. It will not only improve the air quality but will also keep your floors clean.

6. Focus on Your Pets as Well:

The skin cells of your pet are present almost everywhere in your house. These skin cells are also known as pet dander and they are chiefly responsible for developing asthma symptoms in the family members. Also, your pet is in direct contact with the environment when you take them for regular walks. It is important to make sure that your pet is being cleaned regularly. It is better to carry out the cleaning process in the outdoor environment to avoid degrading the floor and the air quality.

7. Use your AC More often to Improve the Air Quality:

Central air conditioning system is well enabled to help with the proper air filtering process. It attracts all the air from your house and cools it immediately. This filtered air is passed into the environment, transforming the air into a much better version. All you need to do is change these filters regularly to avoid over-processing.

Keeping the same filter for a long time will soon make the process a huge failure without any significant results. AC proves as a significant source in purifying the air of the house.

8. Use Non Toxic Chemicals:

When it comes to cleaning the house, a large population wishes to use cleaners which are filled with toxic chemicals. These cleaners claim to provide 100% dirt-free results. While some of these cleaners might do their job of cleaning the floor well, they surely degrade the quality of air present in your house. Hence, it is important to shift to non-toxic chemicals for cleaning your house.

Bad air quality in your house can be the root cause of many health problems. It does not only target the health but it also degrades the quality of material present inside. Such degradation can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Hence, adopting clean air practices are going to help you save more to enjoy a healthy life.

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