How Can You Treat Cystic Acne?

A trauma because of cystic acne? Let us find some solutions to treat those inflammatory, painful bumps that pop up on your face. Sometimes, it is irritating due to the extra breakout in the body. Hence, it makes you very hyper. Another annoying feature of this acne is that it may last for days, weeks and months. This particular acne is different from others and leaves scars on the skin. Usually, people run to a dermatologist to treat with this acne but what if some people don’t have enough time and money. Therefore, here are some better home remedies which can help in treating cystic acne. Some of them are discussed below-

1. Do Not Try to Pop the Cystic Acne

Many have told you about it but try to note it again, do not try to pop up the pimple. People might feel that it will be pleasurable and satisfying but it should not be popped up especially the cystic ones. In the age group of the 20s and 30s, acnes are made of deep pockets of white blood cells which are not supposed to get popped. So, better not to touch the acne which might cause you trouble. Because if it is a cystic variety, trying to pop it up with hands will make the things worse.

2. When you feel it, Ice it Up

The moment when you feel the pain which is deep-rooted in the skin, use an ice cube over the skin. When the ice cube is applied directly into that area for several seconds, the redness and size of the pimple might decrease. Because when ice is applied in the pimple directly, it constricts some blood vessels. This trick helps to prevent acne to grow further.

3. Use Tea Tree Oil to Treat Cystic Acne

Tea tree oil consists of anti-inflammatory and ant-microbial properties which helps in reducing the acne. It helps in preventing the acne producing bacteria which sits on the skin and simultaneously reduces the inflammation. Because of this, tea tree oil is found in many acne-targeting products.

4. Use the Right Cleanser

Experts suggest for cleansers which contains a high concentration of salicylic acid. It is the ingredient which is a beta-hydroxy acid(BHAs). Thus, it helps in removing excess oil from the face and slough off the dead skin cells that are present. The cleanser works miraculously by drying out the pimples.

If your skin is prone to pimples and sensitive at the same time, using salicylic acid can be over-drying your skin. There is an appropriate amount of this ingredient in most of the facewashes and cleansers available for every skin.

5. Use an Oil-free Moisturizer

Even if your skin is prone to cystic acne, a moisturizer should be used in order to make your skin healthy. After using salicylic-based face wash apply an oil-free moisturizer. Some of them are Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer and Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet.

6. Taking Birth-Control Pills

Birth-control pills are a long term treatment for acne, which helps in suppressing sebum production. Where it is appropriate, medicines containing estrogen and progesterone are recommended by the dermatologists for around six months. Doctors also suggest a drug named spironolactone with other pills. It helps to prevent hormonal acne.

7. Start a Healthy Diet

Diet also contributes to increasing the occurrence of cystic acne. Chocolate and greasy food are often blamed for acne. However, milk especially skims milk can worsen the acne if not taken in moderation. Foods containing high glycemic index which increases the blood pressure can flare up acne. Experts suggest to completely avoid all forms of dairy products(milk, yogurt and all cheese) for three weeks. This helps to monitor if any new breakout has appeared. Also, avoiding processed foods and sugar helps in reducing the inflammation of acne.

8. Use of White Vinegar for Treating Cystic Acne

Another amazing treatment to prevent acne is by using diluted white vinegar. It acts as an antibacterial and kills the acne bacteria. Experts suggest mixing a couple of capful white vinegar in a cereal bowl along with purified water to clean the face. Apply this twice daily.

9. Making an Aspirin-Mask

Jennifer Herrmann, MD, FAAD, and Joshua Zeichner, MD suggest making an aspirin paste. A simple home-made remedy to treat cystic acne is by crushing the aspirin pill and mix it with water to make a paste. When applied it on the acne, it will help to reduce the inflammation and pain. Because aspirin is considered as the cousin of salicylic acid which helps in treating acne.

10. Try Something Different to Cure Cystic Acne

Another way to treat the acne is to use different ingredients which complement each other. Thus, helps in reducing the cystic acne. Experts suggest using salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to treat at home.  For effective results, use the salicylic acid cleanser along with an oil-free moisturizer. Hence, followed by a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.

11. Making a Turmeric Mask


One of the most simple ways to treat acne is to make a home-made mask of turmeric. There is curcumin in turmeric which is anti-inflammatory. Turmeric also contains antiseptic properties. When applied on the acne, in the first place it will dehydrate it then it will drain out the pus. Thus it helps in reducing the inflammation. So, for making it effective, add a little water in the turmeric powder for a thick paste and apply it on the affected area.

12. Time to Meditate

Nowadays, acnes appear more because of stress. The reason varies and mostly stems from work, school or any personal problems. So, if a person can work on reducing the stress and keep calm, it is god for overall health. For this, she/e can try meditation, yoga, and exercises for a stress-free mind.

Thus, try these home remedies for better results. It will help you to get rid of painful, reddish cystic acne and get clear glowing skin. But when it is still not cured, its time to visit the doctor. Sometimes you are advised to take some path test in order to diagnose the internal cause.

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