Houseplants That Are Poisonous For Your Pets

Plants are the best element that adds positive vibes at your homes. However, if you have pets at home then you need to be a little selective about the plants you choose. Few plants can be poisonous for your pets. It can cause serious illness. To know about these houseplants, read ahead of the post.

When you are living with your pets, you have to be careful with them. There might be a few things that they like but you don’t like and vice versa. Among those things, houseplants are a serious concern. You should choose only after checking its poisonous nature to your dogs and cats. Few plants are mildly poisonous while some are fatal. So, before you buy any plants for your house, it is better to know about them.

Pets, especially dogs are curious animals (a young puppy). They have notably argus-eyed. And they are always in the quest to look for something to bite. This is the reason, you must be aware of a list of houseplants that are poisonous for your pets.

Corn Plant (Dracaena frangrans)

This plant can be easily grown within your home. It is an extremely popular choice for many people’s homes. But if you have pets at home then you may have to think twice before planting it. This plant can be unhealthy for cats and dogs as if ingested. It can cause vomiting and appetite loss. Especially in cats, it can even lead to difficulty in breathing and escalated heart rate.

Sago Palm (Cycasrevoluta) 

This is an exotic plant that adds a tropical feel to your home. However, it can be dangerous to your pets at home. If your pets put their paws on the plant, it can be threatening. Its seeds, roots, and leaves, everything is dangerous. It can cause vomiting diarrhoea, and can even cause liver malfunction and death.

Aloe Plant (Aloe Vera)

Poisonous For Your Pets

This plant is used in many homes because of its numerous healthy properties. But when it is exposed to your pets, you may have to think twice. Applying topically wouldn’t be harmful. But if your pet chews it, then it may likely to disturb their digestive system. The common problems may include vomiting, diarrhea, and shivering.

Lilies (Different types) 

Do you know that few lilies and its varieties can be harmful? And it can pose a threat to your dog or cat? If you have a pet at home, avoid planting these pretty petals completely. These blossom lilies can be poisonous for your pets as it can cause kidney failure and ill health. Also, few unhygienic symptoms may include vomiting, drooling, and loss of appetite.

Sago Palm

This is quite a beautiful and pretty looking plant that many homeowners prefer growing it. But, is it worth it? The sago palm plant is mainly preferred by many landscapers but pet owners may avoid planting it.

Generally, dogs don’t like it, but if your dog prefers it then they may bite or chew it. That can be dangerous for them. This plant contains a toxin known as cycasin, which can cause liver damage.

Asparagus Fern

Many house owners want to plant Asparagus because it is the fast-growing and easy to handle. If you have a dog or cat at home then avoid planting it. These plants may cause skin irritation and its seed ingestion can induce vomiting or diarrhoea.

Arrowhead Plant

The most common arrowhead plant is Syngonium podophyllum. This plant is popular because it makes your house attractive. Also, it is the best indoor plant. However, it should be avoided to use at home especially if you have pets. The plant contains calcium oxalate in its essence. That can cause a harmful effect on your pets if swallowed.

Jade Plant

The other name for the Jade plant is Crassulaovata. It can be handled easily because it doesn’t need maintenance. Even many non-grower favors planting it happily.

But, this tropical tree from Africa can be poisonous for your pets. Though it is moderately toxic still, it is recommended to avoid planting it, especially if you have pets at home.

Therefore, if you are now concerned about which plant to grow then check below. Here is a list of plants that can be a good choice for your pets. And they are also perfectly safe to grow.

  • Money Plant
  • Areca Palm
  • Moth Orchid
  • Lilyturf
  • Spider Plant
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Boston Fern
  • Variegated Wax Plant
  • Purple Waffle Plant
  • Dwarf Date Palm

Thus, to keep your pets safe at home, always ensure that your houseplants are not poisonous for your pets. Hence, the above list of poisons houseplants has helped you in knowing its nature so that you can avoid it.

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