Holiday Weight Gain – 10 reasons Why freaking out about it is not indeed!

Holiday weight gain is a hot topic of discussion for health-freaks all over the world. While it started as a concern in the West (taking only the Christmas holidays in mind), it has now become a concern in the East too. One generally asserts that the “average American” puts on five pounds (2.27 kg) or more during the holiday of Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

It is not just a fear for the weight-conscious people but its real! Research conducted in Cornell University says that it is not just Americans who are affected. The weight gained between thanksgiving and Christmas take around six months to lose. Although it deserves the worry that it is given; but that is because we have always believed that our weight is the most important thing. Everything else set apart, the abundance of food takes over our thoughts.

Holiday Weight Gain- Do not Freak Out about Weight Gain

Several reasons make us feel that freaking out about Holiday Weight Gain is not really needed.

  1. Break free from work load

    We all need holidays to destress. Break free from the heavy stress of work- take a break and destress your nerve. That is what we all look forward to.

  2. Chill out with your kith and kin

    You meet your friends and family during the holidays. Why think of only about what all you will eat and then how much weight you will gain?

  3. Rejuvenate your friendship

    After all, friends are priced possessions. You must find time to meet them and rekindle the spark whenever you get a holiday. Don’t much concentrate on the menu but eat healthy.

  4. Taste the tradition

    Holidays are the right time when you can get to lick off the traditional delicacies. Why must you have a heavy serving and then feel guilty for taking in lots of calories? Eat as much is enough to make you feel content. Don’t overeat. Control the large appetite for the calorific food!

  5. Body weight fluctuates

    Body weight is not standard throughout the year, be it the festive time or not. Weight can fluctuate over several pounds in a single day because of breathing, sweating, urinating, eating, and drinking, etc. There is no need to think of gaining weight during the holidays.

  6. Work out for good health

    Holidays do not mean that you have free time to eat. You have enough time to take up regular exercises and workout too. Brisk walking, some sports like swimming or cycling are suggested, for which you don’t get time. They can be taken up for a short while. You may not be a fitness freak, but at least find little time to do light exercise.Weight Gain

  7. Temporary effect on weight gain

    Some researchers say that calorific food has only temporary effect on your body and you do not put on extra pounds permanently. A special meal once a day or twice a week will not make much difference if you are a healthy eater and take care of what you eat on daily basis.

  8. Stress about holiday weight gain no good

    Any kind of stress is bad for health- be it work pressure, emotional stress or the fear of gaining weight. Stress results in producing toxins which are more harmful than the high calories you enjoy in holidays. So, better not think that you may gain weight after eating, but eat wisely.

  9. Don’t skip meals to balance overeating

    There is another myth that if you have eaten too much you may have to skip meals to balance the calorie intake. Skipping meals before or after the grand feast will not help you reduce weight gain. It can have opposite outcome. Choose not to skip breakfast or dinner so as to balance the high calorie-lunch.

  10. Home-cooked delicacies less harmful than junk food

    we go fussy when we eat oily food cooked at home. Rarely do we know that it is healthier than the junk food that we love to munch, as they are easily available. Junk foods or processed food available in the markets are more damaging and tend to increase our body weight faster than the homemade delicacies. So next time when you worry about holiday weight gain, think of avoiding the junk food that you eat.

Weight Gain


When enjoying holidays, don’t worry about weight gain. Instead, think of how to balance the calorie intake in a wiser way. Different countries celebrate different holidays, but many such celebration periods have one thing in common: an increased intake of favourite dishes. Internationally, holidays in various countries pose threat to waistlines. Apart from Christmas, some countries feats around Easter, Golden Week, and Diwali. The weight gain that you can see is more because of the fluid retention from eating a high-sodium meal.

It’s not just calories in the form of oil. Take controlled portion of food and eat at regular intervals. Drink enough water to speed up the metabolism and keep you hydrated. Exercise regularly so that you don’t feel lethargic after the big feast is over. Stop freaking out about the stuff called “Holiday weight gain”. It’s a myth than can give you stress much more than the food. It is only in the mind and causes temporary weight-related issue. Stressing about holiday weight gain could backfire- some people tend to eat more to destress themselves. Try not to stress your mind about weight gain. Love the meal that you want to love. That will be the healthiest thing.

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