High cholesterol: healthy snacking options

Overview of high cholesterol

Cholesterol is basically a wax-like substance made in the liver as well as obtained from few food sources like meat, eggs, and dairy products etc. It is present in the blood in the form of fat or lipid and is utilized by the body. Some amount of cholesterol is required by the body to function properly. However, if high amounts of cholesterol get accumulate it leads to a condition of high cholesterol.

It might happen because of an impaired cholesterol utilization mechanism in the body. Else unhealthy diet and consuming excessive amounts of cholesterol in the diet than required can be another reason. The people who suffer from high cholesterol need to keep a watch on every snack they eat in between the meals. Since little bit in every snack can contribute to a huge surplus of cholesterol amounts daily.

Snacking is essential so do not think of omitting that ever from the diet. Snacking helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and even keeps our metabolism active and high, which is good to be fit and healthy. So just be wise in choosing snacks and try to avoid fried stuff, greasy oily stuff in foods, cakes, cookies, and doughnuts. So are you confused about how high your cholesterol numbers are? Just get a Cholesterol Test by a single click. After you know the actual number plan your diet especially snacks wisely.


Few healthy snacks for the people with high cholesterol

In case you are suffering from high cholesterol condition than do not suffer more, by punishing your taste buds with a tasteless food.

Following are few cholesterol-friendly and deliciously healthy snacking options:


  1. Corn and Popcorn:

    Both of these are whole grains and are fiber-rich which helps to lower cholesterol. Specialist beleive that it possess more fiber content than brown rice or whole-wheat bread. It also turns out to be a low-calorie snack if cooked in air fryer without much cheese, salt, butter, and honey toppings. Simply adding olive oil or parmesan cheese for flavor will make it relishing for the taste buds.

High cholesterol

  1. Nuts:

    It is the best snack to lower cholesterol levels. Several researchers over the time have proved results about almonds in helping people lower the low-density lipids (LDL) which is the bad cholesterol. Further almonds are a rich source of monounsaturated fat which is healthy and helps in preventing LDL oxidization and prevents atherosclerosis as well. However, rich in calories as well so nor more than 20 to 24, recommended per day.


  1. A combo of veggies with hummus:

    This diet is purely vitamin rich. To lower your cholesterol levels you don’t have to stick to any vegetarian diet but it is healthy to keep eating fresh vegetables and few vegetarian diets every now and then. Always ensure to eat a wide range of different colored vegetables for all the possible health benefits. Also, try to pair vegetable with a hummus which is readily available in the market. Although, you may prepare hummus from white beans or chickpeas and it contains a high dose of fiber, antioxidants, and proteins.


  1. Oatmeal:

    It is a fiber-rich meal which actually soaks up the cholesterol from the body. Contains a soluble fiber which soaks the cholesterol and helps in eliminating it via digestive system without letting it, absorb in the body. Also increases bile acid production which helps in the excretory system besides helping to lower the LDL. A best breakfast meal. One can cook it sweet or salty as per the taste. Planning to add some sugar prefer adding sugar-free or frozen sweet fruits to keep few extra calories at bay.


  1. Fruits:

    Fresh fruits are a rich source of different vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber in the form of pectin. Instead of grabbing a candy bar it is better to snack on fruits as they satisfy the hunger for longer duration and benefits the body with different elements. Also, cravings for sugar, masked by eating fruits and they even help in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Apples, grapes, strawberries, and various other citrus fruits consist of pectin (fibrous form) which helps in decreasing low-density lipids (LDL) in the body. Clementines are also good as a snack and they even contain potassium and helps in lowering blood pressure besides the LDL.


  1. Prefer peanut butter instead of other butter:

    Try to opt for peanut butter as it is the healthiest among all other available butter which are high in saturated fats which are not good for the health.

    High cholesterol


Peanut butter, applied over whole-grain brown bread in the breakfast meal or else, added to smoothies for a rich taste and goodness. Other dairy products, replaced with low-fat substitutes like soy products or low fat skimmed milk products to keep the daily intake of cholesterol in control.



Always remember if you are experiencing high cholesterol be very specific in choosing your food items. Try to go for as healthy options as possible in every meal or snack. It is a treatable condition with the help of certain medications and precautions in the diet. Avoiding excessive cholesterol is the top priority among all. If not taken care of at the right time cholesterol problems can lead their way to complications of heart diseases. As we age the body tends to keep on accumulating fat. So it is essential for the elderly people to be more vigilant about getting cholesterol tests, done often. For any other common person, regular cholesterol checkup, indeed annually or every six months.

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