Hepatitis C – Myths & Facts!

A great deal of falsehood and negative general assessment encompass Hepatitis C. The infection is encompassed by such a significant number of confusions that it turns out to be amazingly testing to locate the correct treatment. Here, we rundown down various fantasies that encompass the infection and a few realities about it with the goal that you comprehend what to accept and what to treat as unadulterated fiction.


1. You can carry on with a long, solid life in the wake of contracting hepatitis C. If you have been informed that Hepatitis C can’t be relieved, you have been accepting a fantasy till now. There have been various huge advances in the treatment since the sickness previously became visible. Hepatitis C can be restored if legitimate treatment is given to the patient. Additionally, presently there are a great deal of medicines accessible that are far less difficult than more seasoned ones.

2. There are various manners by which one can be presented to the infection a typical misguided judgment is that lone individuals who use medications can get Hepatitis C.

Be that as it may, as a general rule, there various manners by which you can presented to the infection. For example, any individual who has had a blood transfusion or an organ transplant before 1992, individuals with HIV, individuals with hemodialysis for kidneys are in danger as well. Truth be told anybody conceived between 1945 to 1965 ought to be tried in light of the fact that it was when exact blood screening conventions were not ordered.

3. You can spread the infection regardless of whether you don’t have the indications practically 80% of the general population who have Hepatitis C don’t build up any side effects. Truth be told, even the individuals who have interminable Hepatitis C contamination don’t demonstrate any indications till cirrhosis creates. So despite the fact that the odds of the infection being spread by means of razors and toothbrushes are low, sharing these must be stayed away from.

4. It can spread through sexual get in touch with it happens seldom, yet there is dependably a probability. As indicated by different looks into, individuals who have various sexual accomplices or have an accomplice tainted with HIV have a higher shot of contracting Hepititis C. Notwithstanding, this hazard can be diminished by utilizing condoms.

5. Hepatitis C:

Is generally transmitted through blood hepatitis C can’t be transmitted through mosquito nibbles and it’s anything but an airborne malady. So you can’t contract it through hacking, sniffling, sharing utensils or being in a similar room as the patient. Be that as it may, it very well may be reached while getting tattoos and piercings and utilizing a polluted syringe or needle. In the event that a pregnant lady is influenced by the infection, her infant gets it as well.

6. No antibody is accessible for Hepatitis C in spite of the fact that immunizations are accessible for hepatitis An and B, researchers are yet to create one for Hepatitis C.


1. There is no chance to get of decreasing the hazard for Hepatitis C:

There are things that should be possible to maintain a strategic distance from the danger of Hepatitis C. Continuously abstain from sharing individual consideration things like razors, toothbrushes and nail scissors. They may interact with contaminated blood and increment the danger of you contracting it. Additionally, never complete tattoos and piercings from hardware that would have been utilized on another person.

2. Herbs like Milk Thistle can fix Hepatitis C:

It is prominently accepted that Milk Thistle is advantageous in treating it. In any case, what we can’t disregard is the way that it hasn’t been endorsed as an elective medication. So your specialist must be kept in circle before you start any home grown treatment.

3. There is no hope in the event that you have interminable Hepatitis C:

This is a bogus observation. There are various approaches to battle it, and the most ideal path for you must be told by your specialist. In any case, preceding recommending a treatment your specialist may request that you get a biopsy or a liver output done. Some way of life changes may likewise be recommended to you.

4. You can tell if individuals have Heptitis C:

By taking a gander at them no. This is preposterous. Nobody can tell in the event that someone has Hepatitis C simply be taking a gander at them since it is a quiet ailment. Moreover, there is just a 20-30% possibility that the patient will create indications Heptitis C. Legitimate tests are important to decide this.

Hepatitis C

5. There is just one sort of Hepatitis C:

There are really 6 normally known genotypes of the infection. To decide the genotype of the infection, blood tests are indispensable. The genotype is important to know before your specialist can settle on the treatment.

6. Hepatitis C can’t be restored in opposition to the prevalent view:

It is reparable. Furthermore, by ‘relieved’ we imply that the infection isn’t recognized in your blood even a very long time after your treatment has finished. Be that as it may, remaining in customary contact with your specialist is incredibly.

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