Why healthy habits are more important than weight loss!

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First of all it’s easy to believe that weight loss is the key to happiness and self-esteem – from the advertisements that tell you so to sell their products to the “groups” at school, college and even at the workplace. Being slim doesn’t and shouldn’t define happiness. Healthy habits, thoughts and a healthy body are the ways to go about one’s well being.

While losing body fat is a desirable factor, there’s so much more that we absolutely need to focus on. In this era where work life is intense, it’s easy to lose balance, which makes holistic wellness that much more important than just taking care of the physique.

Here’s how.

Learn to listen to your body:

Going hungry may help you lose weight, or maybe not! If you skip breakfast, you may end up not allowing the metabolic process to start and in turn gain extra pounds. If you find yourself craving for food often, it means you aren’t eating enough and you need to stop ignoring the pangs. Don’t go hungry. However, if the craving is for sugar or salt often, we’d suggest you connect with your doctor to ensure your sugar levels are hormones are in check.

“Gymming” not your thing? Choose your own way to exercise:

Pushing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy, even if it is exercise, doesn’t serve the purpose if you’re aiming for wellness. Why make yourself more miserable? Whether it is swimming, yoga, walking, adventure sports, everyone can find their own way toward their fitness goals. If you’re staying in sometimes, then you could always switch to another form of exercise – therefore, why not dance or do aerobics? If you’re not feeling up to it, give yourself a break and maybe stretching or cardio would be a good way to start the day, followed by a relaxed day.

Moderation, not deprivation:

Eat cake. Yes, eat cake if you enjoy desserts. Sometimes, it’s okay to enjoy food and not fixate on it as you sweat it out in the gym, as that may very likely lead to binge eating. Therefore it’s a vicious cycle – don’t judge your self-control or don’t hate yourself for eating something, in contrast you are really fond of or taking a break from your fitness routine for a day. Switch your favorite sweet treats for a healthier alternative over time – honey in place of sugar and muesli in place of cocoa cereal.


Enjoy healthy food with the people you love. Don’t isolate yourself or be too hard on yourself. Choose your own path to fitness. Observe how your body reacts to food, exercise and even energies of people.

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