Healthy gums, healthy heart?


The importance of keeping our teeth & gums clean is something our parents and teachers always seem to have stressed on. And they, of course, talk from experience. Brushing after every meal, rinsing our mouth and flossing properly form the basics of dental hygiene and the earlier we adopt them, the lesser dental checkups we invite.

If dental health isn’t motivational enough, we’d like to share some more health benefits that come with keeping the canines and gums in good shape.

Having clean teeth and gums lowers the risk of heart related illness. Researchers from the Taiwan Veterans General Hospital found that those who go through a minimum of one dental cleaning sitting in their lifetime have 24% lower risk of heart attack and 13% lower risk if stroke.

Why Healthy Gums & Heart are Important:

As inflammation of gums can affect the heart, inflammatory agents can lead to brain inflammation, a cause of memory loss. A report published in the Journal of Periodontology and the American Journal of Cardiology cites a study by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which reveals that gum disease poses a higher risk of diseases linked to the blood vessels and arteries carrying blood to the brain.

Maintaining periodontal health can contribute to respiratory health, too. Studies suggest that the presence of microorganisms that cause gum disease may also increase the chance of developing respiratory diseases. Gum disease increases the risk of renal insufficiency, a chronic condition that results in renal failure through a progressive reduction of kidney function.

If you are living with diabetes, it’s critical that you take care of your gums. Diabetes can make your gum disease worse; and you may need to get in touch with a dentist for damage control.

We often tend to focus on; what we may think are pressing health problems and neglect our teeth and gum health. Our gums are very delicate and are prone to infections. Their soft tissue cover the bones of our teeth and act as a barrier for bacteria.

With good oral hygiene come well-functioning organs, a confident smile and fresh breath. Let’s brush the oral health woes away!

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