Health Problems That Can Occur Due To Dirty Feet

Do you know that your feet can give you warning signs on health? It may sound strange. But in reality, dirty feet can cause some serious issues that one should not ignore. Look at your feet closely. It may not be a natural foot. If you notice any discoloration, dryness, or any kind of spots, you mustn’t ignore it. Thus, to know more about the warning signs of your dirty feet and why it occurs, continue to read below.

Your feet are the best factor that can diagnose many diseases. They are also used as clues in pointing out the health-related problems.

Even you can understand any related disease by yourself. Every dirty foot may have a hidden sign. And it says a lot about your health. You just have to notice each sign closely and make efforts to control it.

So, here are a few warning signs dirty feet sends you. Don’t ignore these:

Dry, Flaking Skin: Signs of Thyroid

If your feet heel is dry, cracked, and flaky, it may be a warning sign that you have thyroid. Your thyroid gland produces a hormone that helps in controlling the metabolic rate, tissue growth, blood pressure, and nervous system. Your dry foot skin has a relation with your thyroid.

Also, dry skin arises because of other health issues too. Some of these issues are changes in the weather, weight gain, unresponsiveness in your hands, or eye problems.

Sore Foot that won’t Heal: Signs of Diabetes/Peripheral Vascular Disease

Diabetes patients may experience the damage of blood vessels. This causes circulation problems in the nerves that prevent healing.

Sometimes, even a simple swelling on the heel when left untreated can cause serious infection to the bone. Also, in some serious cases, a person is advised to get under the doctor’s observation.

If you are experiencing a similar sore that hasn’t healed after three to seven days, consult a doctor.

Foot Numbness: Signs of PAD (Peripheral Arteries Disease)

Dirty Feet

Foot numbness is a sign that occurs due to a lack of blood flow in the foot. Thus, it is a sign of PAD. Normally, foot numbness occurs, when you sit in one position for long or awkward angle while sleeping. But, the foot numbness or unresponsiveness might occur when you’re active. Hence, now you shouldn’t ignore it.

Foot numbness can also be a common reason for few more diseases. It can be peripheral neuropathy connected to type 2 diabetes. The person with diabetes may experience complications on blood flow to feet. This means the wound and cuts will take a longer time to heal. Therefore there are chances of development a susceptible infection.

If you experience uneven sessions of foot numbness or any wound then consult your doctor. Also, to promote a healthy flow of blood, indulge in regular exercises. And also add a healthy food option in your diet.

White and Numb Feet: Signs of Raynaud’s Disease

If your toes are turning white and feeling numb, then it may be related to Raynaud’s disease. This type of dirty feet is caused when blood vessels overreact leading to Raynaud. This can even lead to white, numb, blue, and red skin color.

Researches are still studying to find the real reason for Raynaud’s disease. Normally, it is most common in women who live in a colder climatic condition.

Black Spots or Lines under Toenails: Signs of Fungal Infection/Hidden Melanoma

When your foot is hurt, it causes discoloration of toenail. This can make black lines and black discoloration in the toenail. However, it may not be a concern because it isn’t a problem.

But if you notice any black or brown lines without any injury, then you must consult a doctor. Let the doctor examine the dark, vertical lines appearing under your toenail. Thus, it could be a sign of hidden melanoma.

The discoloration can also be because of fungal infection. Though it is less severe than cancer still you mustn’t ignore it.

The best advice is to check your toenails carefully. And if it is dirty feet, then get the right treatment for the related disease.

Tips to Keep your Dirty Feet Healthy

Always keep your feet healthy. And watch out for the dirty feet issues. Follow the below tips for essential care:

  • By wearing socks and shoes most of the time, it may trap humidity inside. Hence, it can cause a fungal infection. Let your feet breathe by keeping it dry.
  • Be careful while using clippers. Don’t cut your nail too short or with rounded corners.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Ensure that your shoe has enough room space for the toe box.
  • Get pedicures by right salon. Choose a salon that cleans and sterilizes its equipment.
  • Clean your toes regularly while bathing. This will help you avoid any possible infections.

Thus, to avoid the dirty feet, ensure that you treat them well. Also, if you notice any of the above sign then seek doctor’s help. Therefore, these signs may say something about your health.

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