Health Guide To Quit Smoking & Drinking!

The smoke or cigarette smoke and drinking does not recognise any religion and province, do not know any reservations or political. According to the WHO, about 60 lakh people are being killed every year due to smoking and most of these deaths are happening in low and middle-income countries. WHO has said in a report at a conference in Panama that if this continues, then the number of people killed in the year 2030 will increase to 8 million in the year 2030. But unfortunately, by adopting this wrong habit as a status symbol, they often choose young people and show them to others. Smoking is an addiction, so long as the person remains away, then it is fine, but once it is started, it starts to enjoy the drunkenness. Before some say-listening, know that smoking is harmful in every sense.

Reasons for smoking

Concern about the harm caused by smoking has first started since 1930 since then there are endless discussions on this topic, but if the world’s statistics are seen then the number of people who died from smoking should be increased continuously.  Smoking addiction in developed countries is now rising in women and girls. According to the American Medical Association Journal, nearly one billion people smoke in the world, of which there are about five million women. Usually, you get these reasons for smoke –

  1. Mainly, to make its place in the higher society, it is a misconception among people that smoking is an excellent medium. If a person does not smoke in between among the rich people, he is made eligible for a joke; to avoid this, smoke.
  2. In the college when students enter for the first time, often old students forcibly make them smoke. It is not possible for a person to leave this habit later. They also often mimic the heroes in films when they see them smoking. Once started, they cannot leave that habit.
  3. People regularly smoke while struggling with anxiety.


Effects of Smoking or Drinking:

  1. Physical damage caused by smoking leads to mouth cancer, oesophagal cancer, and stomach cancer.
  2. This habit leads to the highest lung cancer. Smokers are ten more times more likely to have cancer infections than those who do not. Since its address seems to be late, so 95% of people die.
  3. Smoking increases blood pressure; blood clots become blood clots in blood vessels.
  4. Bronchitis, dental caries, infection of the gums are more due to this addiction.
  5. Smoking causes TB. Many Hollywood singers acknowledged that smoking their voice was worse than smoking.
  6. Smoking increases blood pressure; blood clots become blood clots in blood vessels. In such people, mortality is found to be 2 to 3 times higher.
  7. This reduces the reproductive power. If a pregnant woman smokes, either the baby dies, or there is a distortion.
  8. Due to being around the smoker, the distortions arise in the child born in the womb. Both parents should stay away from smoking during pregnancy. The more pregnant women will be in contact with passive smoking, the higher the risk of congenital disabilities in the child.
  9. The men who smoke, their wives are more likely to have cervical cancer.
  10. The person smoking the smoker may be taking the smoke from the filter, but the people who are around him are forced to pull the non-smoke smoke in the lungs. The smoke released from cigarettes is three times the nicotine, three times the tar and fifty times more ammonia, which is extremely harmful.

How to quit and Smoke

  1. Make a plan: To quit smoking and drinking successfully, you must identify your habit of smoking and drinking well, recognize your reliance on that habit and identify the method by which you can leave this habit successfully. Think of what type of smoker or drinker you are, when you need a cigarette and alcohol and why. This will help you identify the advice, techniques, and therapies that can be the most beneficial for you.
  2. Do Exercise: Exercise to suppress the desire physical activities help reduce the appetite of nicotine and alcohol. When you have a desire to drink or have a cigarette then wear shoes and run. Even a light, wholesome workout can also be helpful, such as rotating your dog or cleaning the garden grass. As soon as you stop smoking and drinking, you will also stop growing your weight due to burning additional calories.
  3. Eat foods rich in vitamins C Chew the cinnamon. Take snacks. Eat nuts. Be friends with people who do not smoke cigarettes.
  4. Trust Yourself: Its best treatment is to control itself. The apparent treatment is the person’s will power. Do not mistake smoking or drinking as a status symbol. It is such a problem that the person brings himself up Be self-aware. Smoking is not just for you, but also to your family.
  5. Through meditation, it can be relieved. According to a theory published in the latest issue of the National Academy of Science, meditation can be an excellent way to ease the habit of smoking. Researchers found that those who had mastered mindfulness medication used to smoke up to 60 percent less. This process of meditation is also called Integrative Physical Mind Training.
  6. Those who have given up smoking honestly cannot recover their lost time, but they can certainly get back. Therefore, we urge the government to ban it in public places altogether.
  7. Take your friend’s Help: Bet with a friend. You can bet with your friend and set a date for quitting and leave smoking until that time. Make your friend your partner in this, who can get you out of it.
  8. Avoiding Alcohol and Fizzy Drinks is one of the main factors that inspire smoking, so when you are leaving cigarettes, drink at least alcohol. Fizzy (gas blended) beverages, colas, tea, and coffee, make cigarette flavour useful. So whenever you go out, drink water or juice. Some people have noticed that by changing only the beverages, you can reduce the habit of cigarette.

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