Hair Fall – Solutions & Home Remedies Understand


Hair fall is turning into another huge issue these days and talking about a standard issue looked by consistently individual i.e. Hair Fall. Regular reasons for male pattern baldness are because of the genetic reason, push, ailment, Hormonal lopsidedness, unforgiving concoction medicines, dandruff, horrible eating routine, specific maladies and so forth.

Before you treat the balding issue, initial an individual needs to complete his or her diagnostics to know why you confront the issue. On the off chance that hair fall is caused by something that won’t last or can be dealt with, your hair is probably going to become back. For Example, if an underactive thyroid is causing the issue, taking thyroid prescription may help. Male pattern baldness that keeps running in the family can be treated with medications or hair transplant medical procedure. Furthermore, there are additionally numerous sorts of custom made solutions for control over the hair fall or balding issue.

Solutions and Remedies:

Instead of hair transplant solutions, one can also treat their hair fall problem by popular homemade remedies that have been deeply discussed below in the article .

6 tricks that will help to control hair fall:

  1. Coconut Milk Massage:

Coconut drain is wealthy in vitamin E, proteins, potassium and fat that aid es in saturating the hair and keeping scalp sound and decrease the breakage of hair. Applying this to your scalp routinely gives a defensive activity against hair fall. Apply some coconut drain to your scalp utilizing a hair shading brush. Furthermore, abandon it on to the scalp for 20mins. At that point wash the hair with cold water and cleanser. You can take after this procedure once in a week (homemade coconut water will be much successful).

Hair Fall

  1. An Aleo-Vera gel / Juice:

This is the traditional way of using an aloe-vera for treating hair growth. Extract the pulp content from the leaf or stalk and rub into your hair. Massage into your hair and scalp, leave the hair for 15min and rinse with cold water. Ensure that your hair, washed before using this. It Plays a crucial role in balancing the Ph level of the scalp & hair. Hence it enhances the hair growth.

  1. Indian Lilac(Neem):

Take 10-12 dry neem leaves and boil in water till the water level comes down to half. Let it cool and rinse hair with the mixture. You can use this remedy as a last rinse after shampooing your hair. You can use this once in a week at least. Neem is said to have eminent antibacterial elements that help in getting rid of dandruff, it also works in the stimulation of blood flow to the skin.

  1. Beetroot:

Use Beetroot leaves and one tablespoon henna. Boil the leaves in water, wait till it turns to lukewarm, make a paste of the leaves and add the henna, apply this paste on your scalp, leave for 20 mins and wash with normal cold water. Doing the same procedure thrice a week will provide Potassium, Protein, Vitamins B & C and all of essentials elements, required for a healthy hair.

Hair fall

  1. Curry Leaves:

These leaves, used to make an effective and healthy hair tonic. Boil 8-9 curry leaves with preferable hair oil and applies this mixture on your scalp, massage the oil properly for 15-20 mins. Follow the procedure twice a week for impressive results.


  1. Aloe Vera, Amla, Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) & neem Power:

Make a cup of paste out of equal parts of the four ingredients above, mentioned. Apply the combination twice a week on your hair and scalp. Wash it off with lukewarm water and see the magnificent result within a month.


Apart from the remedies, mentioned above many more remedies are available for a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care.


For remedies, you have to take some cautions.  The yellow colored sap of the aloe vera plant contains toxins and can irritate the skin if you are latex-intolerant. you can ideally boil the plant before extraction the pulp. Using Neem for the hair especially in the case of dandruff can cause your eye to burn, so be careful while washing the hair. Don’t comb the wet hair.


Prefer taking the balanced diet for proper hair growth. Taking a hot oil treatment at least once in a week will help your hair stay healthy for longer days. Say big no to junk foods and get your hairs, trimmed in a regular interval to see better and healthier results.



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