Gadgets and Apps To Keep a Track on Your Health

With tech innovation, Gadgets and apps are now at our prime attention for every issue we encounter. Technology seems to be hiking upwards with its advent in almost every field of the world. From getting a personal beautician at home to renting a car online, mobile applications have made our entire life much more hassle-free.

One major sector constantly undergoing technological improvements is the health sector. Every day, the launch of a new mobile app makes easy for us to keep a check on our health. Also, the hectic schedule of a miserable life dependent upon an outrageous amount of junk requires a constant check on the health. Having a mobile app or gadget for the purpose can be a huge help.

However, a major issue is the availability of lesser information about these platforms. People from every age-group are not very acquainted with technology and its usage. No worries, because we are here to share about the various gadgets and apps which are making it big in the health sector.

Gadgets and Apps to Track Your Health Status:

Gadgets and Apps

Bracelet Styled Activity Tracker:

First of all, it is important to not let go off an active workout routine. Cardio forms the basis of this workout where your heart rate tends to ooze up. It is better to go for activity tracker which is bracelet styled rather than going for a manual one.

This is because people often tend to forget using a manual footstep counter. Also, having a bracelet styled activity tracker allows you to keep a track without going through the process of manually putting them every day.

These gadgets and apps make it easy to track the footsteps for further improvement and analysing.

These gadgets also allow you to keep a check on the rate of calorie burn, a number of footsteps and the quality of sleep you have been indulging in.

Fitbit flex and jawbone UP24 are two of the most popular gadgets in this field.

Fitbit Flex:

This is a great gadget and is quite popular amongst people these days. It can be possible that some of your friends might be already using it. So, you can use this device together with your friend to gain effective results. It also syncs easily with the background.

Jawbone UP24:

This particular application has wireless sync and can attach with your phone using the headphone jack as well. As compared to Fitbit, Jawbone 24 also looks much more attractive. It is also slimmer than the former one. It might be a bit expensive, but the price is definitely worth it.

Gadgets and apps that tend to appear nice are always a good option to go for. A lot of other brands have also come up with similar apps and gadgets, which are a good option as well.

Smart Scales for Keeping Up with the Progress:

With the changing lifestyle, more and more people are concerned about their weight issues. Smart scales in such a situation can be a huge help because of its ability to keep a check on the progress.

Keeping a check on the progress will also help you to stay motivated on your path to attain the desired weight.

Aria smart scales and diet tracker are two of the most popular devices for this purpose.

Aria Smart Scales for Quick Updates:

This gadget is one of the most amazing gifts you can give to your loved ones. The Aria smart scale gives quick updates about the progress in weight maintaining. This gadget can also coordinate with popular apps like Myfitnesspal and help you in keeping a track of your diet. Constant updates regarding body fat percentage will also be flashed on the dashboard.

Diet Tracker for Keeping an Eye on your Food Choices:

Deciding on a healthy meal plan is probably the toughest decision of weight maintenance. Most of us tend to fail miserably in this field. With gadgets and apps like Diet tracker, you don’t have to worry about this aspect at all. This app can help you to track the calorie intake and the amount of calorie in your choice of a meal plan. It will also save you from making an unnecessary purchase on expensive food items which are less nutritious.

Exercise Tracker for Keeping an Eye on the Progress of Different Activities:

While a basic form of cardio can be tracked by using Myfitnesspal, complex activities require a much better version. There are a lot of exercise trackers available which can help you track the progress you have made.


This application has been quite popular among people for a long time. It does not restrict itself to basic cardio activities but also progresses to complex ones. This application also helps in creating small divisions between your workouts so that your body can bear the load of strenuous training sessions.

All the above-mentioned gadgets and apps have been making big in the health sector. You can even subscribe to their professional services by paying a small amount regularly.

The experience of each individual with these applications has been pretty good. You can check the review section before installing the application you have been looking for. Technology seems to have made our life much easier.

Most people suffer from an acute disease in life due to their inactive nature.

Also, expensive weight training sessions at the gym can be a pain for the pocket. These mobile applications are extremely versatile and are available at negligible cost.

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