Four medical reasons you could have insomnia!

Insomnia also a sleeping disorder which most of the people are suffering from nowadays especially teenagers. In this disease, you find it very difficult to sleep or staying asleep for longer hours. It not only harms your physical condition by making you weak but also it disturbs you mentally. You will feel sleepy even if it isn’t meant to be. You will face many difficulties in doing your work if you are suffering from this disease.

But the reason behind the insomnia is still unknown because different people used to have different factors. But to make you aware about the most possible reasons that can cause insomnia we are writing this article. Have a look at the reasons mentioned below so that you always stay one step ahead of the disease.

Before we proceed further, we would like to draw your attention to some of the most common facts regarding this issue:

  • You are not the only one:

People suffering from insomnia often think that they are the only person who is suffering from this disease. But it is a disturbing fact that around 40 million Americans suffer from insomnia and have learned to cope with it. This does not only disturb their work cycle but even their entire life cycle.

  • Medicines work only in certain cases:

The same sort of medicines cannot have a similar effect on all the people that they are tried on. Medical experts might claim that they have found the straight jacket solution to this problem, but the increasing number of Insomniac patients definitely shows the true picture.

  • There is treatment possible:

Most people think that this is a lifelong disease that they have to suffer but there is a medicine as well as a no medical treatment for every person who suffers from insomnia. For some people, medicine might work while for some other person, homeotherapy treatment might do a better job. People only need to identify what works what does not work for them, to get ahead with the most accurate treatment possible.

4 medical reasons for having insomnia

  1. Stress:

It is the most common reason among a bunch of people suffering from insomnia. When you take a lot of stress due to some reason then your brain releases some acid type thing which affects your appetite and sleeping habits. Because of that, you don’t feel sleepy when you are in stress. Mainly it is caused by the death of someone very close to you or any other reason. According to doctors, in this situation, the insomnia is only for a shorter period of time but if you are in long term vain or panic attacks then you may lead to chronic insomnia, which is more serious.


  1. Irregular sleep times:

Today everyone is living their own lifestyle where they do whatever they want to and eat whatever they want to. They even sleep when they want without following proper timing. Someday they sleep early, someday too late and all this because they are not aware of the reasons for insomnia maybe. The irregularities in the sleeping patterns can cost you your sleep; because you will not be sleepy anymore if this pattern, followed on a long term basis.

  1. Finding it difficult to focus on a certain subject:

People suffering from insomnia find it very difficult to focus their energy on a certain task because they are always drained out of energy. They always feel sluggish because the muscles have not taken adequate rest, due to which they fail to give their hundred percent. There is also a lack of coordination between muscles; which often the reason for the failure of a work which has to be performed.

  1. Tired even after sleeping the whole night:

Some people feel that they are not fully energetic even after sleeping the entire last night. While there can be plenty of reasons for this, but a regular occurrence of such feeling is a clear sign of insomnia. This situation clearly represents the body is not adequately energetic and demands more of the rest period.

    5. How to identify this feeling?

You will certainly feel a tingling sensation all over your body especially in your muscles.

As you have seen the medical reasons due to which insomnia; triggered in the human body and after going through all the points you are now aware which of your habits are going to cost you your sleep. No matter who you are and how much you earn if you are not sleeping properly you will not be able to maintain a proper balance between your professional and personal life.

To conclude, we just want to suggest you that no amount of money or fame; can balance out the importance that a proper sleep has for proper functioning. So if you feel that you are suffering from insomnia; you need to make an appointment to your doctor; so that he can help you with identifying it and giving you the proper treatment for getting away with it.

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