What foods cause high triglycerides?

Triglycerides are those lipids which exist as a fat in food and the body. In the body it circulates via blood plasma in combination with cholesterol, forming a plasma lipid. The main source of triglycerides is the food which we eat or a triggered release from the liver for meeting up the short-term energy demand. If a person consumes high-fat foods consisting of a high level of carbohydrates than the excess of it is converted into triglycerides and is tired in the form of fat in the body.

Their release in the body during urgent need of energy is regulated by the hormones. Keeping triglyceride levels in check at regular intervals is very important to prevent fatal heart diseases. So it becomes important to get a Triglyceride Level Test annually or every six months. Testing procedure today has become very easy and comfortable with the facility of home sample collection. So now do not refrain yourself from knowing your exact test numbers and go for this home lab testing.

Which factors affect triglycerides?

Eating up unhealthy high-fat containing foods will only increase the levels of triglycerides in the body. Hence, it becomes an important task to limit the quantity of, saturated or trans fat in the diet. Triglyceride levels also shoot up upon consumption of high carbs or even alcohol. Because of this, its tests require overnight fasting. It is better to avoid all refined as well as sugary stuff like honey, sweeteners, sugar, candies, cookies, white flour foos, white bread,  and rice, normal pasta etc. A sudden spike in sugar levels increases insulin levels which further triggers an increase of triglyceride levels. People with diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid disorders also tend to spike triglyceride levels over time. Few other triggers might also include being overweight, heart disorders, lack of exercise, and even hereditary reasons, even after avoiding all unhealthy foods.


Which foods trigger high levels of triglycerides?

All sugar-containing foods:

Eating too much of fructose can not only lead to weight gain but also spike in triglyceride levels. It causes the blood sugars to increase leading to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Fructose is the simplest sugar which occurs even in fruits and corn syrup. No wonder fruits are a healthy source for vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, a balanced eating that too one to two small portions of fruits is considered okay even for diabetic and triglyceride, troubled people. You may further close to take help of your physician or dietician to help you avoid more sugary fruits in order to keep your condition in control.

Unhealthy fats like trans and saturated ones:

Saturated fats occur in solid form at room temperature and they, found mainly in all fried foods, chicken skin, red meat, egg yolks,fat-rich dairy products, lard, butter, and several fast foods. Trans fats involve hydrogenated fats in nature and they, found in mostly, packed or canned foods, like in cakes, cookies, chips, microwave popcorn, donuts, and pastries etc. Such foods, cooked with partially hydrogenated oils must be best, avoided and lean proteins, skinless chicken, low-fat dairy products egg whites, fish, and legumes along with olive oil, peanut oil, and canola oil must be,  preferred as healthy options, instead.


All starchy and processed foods:

All sorts of, processed or refined foods, made up from white flour; have excessive, added sugars. Such foods cause a spike in triglyceride levels with ease. So it is better to avoid such foods to prevent any rise of triglyceride levels in the body. Some of the vegetables like potatoes are very starchy and again unhealthy. So preferring whole grain options like wheat, brown rice, and other non-starchy veggies is better in all ways. Some dietary changes can help to minimize the risks of developing a disease and finally prevents it.

Alcohol consumption:

Excess of anything is bad for certain reasons and in case of excessive alcohol consumption; our liver gets, triggered to release an excess amount of triglycerides. Hence, it becomes a trouble to control the levels normally and to control the levels avoiding alcohol consumption.

Foods rich in empty calories:

Excessive intake of calories also tends to cause a rise in triglyceride levels in the body. Paying keen attention to your diet about its caloric value is important before you consume it. So avoiding all bakery item or desserts or replacing them with healthy fruit yogurt kind of options is best for health. Also, try avoiding eating more calories than you can burn in the entire day with the levels of activities you perform. So try, being physically fit and active; monitor your calorie intake via an online tracker to give you control over your diet.



Elevated triglyceride levels can pose a risk of developing heart diseases or even stroke. It becomes harder for diabetic people to manage triglyceride levels because it is such a disease which tend to complicate diseases. Deterioration if not, controlled on time can even lead to a complete organ failure like heart failure, renal failure etc. Few lifestyle changes become mandatory to prevent conditions like elevated triglyceride levels.

Exercise and proper healthy diet as per your disease status is the only best option to prevent any further deterioration of the disease. Sometimes it can get hard to resist this disease if it runs in your family through genes. Do not hesitate to consult with a doctor in case you know its hereditary in your family. Taking precautions and regular checkups can help early diagnosis and treatment. So do not wait anymore and get a Triglyceride Profile Test done to ensure mental peace relieve your worries in the air?


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