Which food can cause you diabetes 2?

In Type 2 diabetes, body doesn’t produce enough insulin and this disease never gets eradicated. You cannot get rid of it; you just can’t control this disease. Diabetes needs daily monitoring of your blood sugar and you have to consume a healthy diet, maintain proper exercises. All these things are done just to make sure that your weight is under control. In case of type 2 diabetes losing weight is important as it increases the insulin sensitivity which is very much needed in case of this particular disease. Besides controlling your diet to achieve a good weight, you need to stay away from couple of food products that may make you prone to diabetes type 2.

Let’s discuss those food items:

Sugary foods:

Sweets and cakes made with processed sugar and low quality carbohydrates do not have any sort of nutritional value. Most of these foods are mouth watering and eye pleasing. Food items like cakes, cookies, chocolates, pastries do not add any nutritional value to your health, instead they add a sudden spike in your weight and help to increase your blood sugar level which is deadly in case of diabetes type 2. One can replace these items with nutritional fruits like berries, pears, apples, oranges and dates etc.


Fruit Juice:

This sounds odd that we are asking you to have whole fruits and we are asking you not to go for fruit juices! Diabetes type 2 patients should never go for fruit juices in fact not homemade 100% fruit juice is good for these patients. Fruit juice doesn’t have same amount of fiber that a piece of fruit has, so the fruit juice is not filling at all! At the same time fruit juice contains concentrated glucose that helps increase the blood sugar level. So the fruit juice is not at all a good option for these patients.

Dried fruit:

Dried fruits like raisins and apricots and cashews are good for health. But here we are talking about diabetic patients and they should not consume beyond a certain level! A person can snack on more raisins than a bunch of grapes! These dried fruits have more fibers, but that is not good for diabetic patients as well! Even this amount of sugar can shoot up the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. Instead of dried fruits, lots of delicious fresh fruits are available and these patients should opt for the fresh option.

White rice, flour and bread:

The agenda of diabetic patients is to restrict themselves from consuming low quality carb. The biggest contributor to a person’s low quality carb intake is certainly the white bread, rice and flour. Once your body starts digesting these food items, they start working as ‘sugar’. Now you know why a diabetic patient should avoid having these ‘white’ food items. High fiber cereals, mix cereals, fruits seeds, brown rice, oatmeal and everything is available out there and a diabetic patients should go for that only! These food particles break down more slowly and hence they are quite good for diabetic patients!


Full fat dairy products: Saturated fats in dairy products increase the LDL cholesterol level of any person and it increases the risk of different heart diseases in a person. But in case of full fat dairy milk, the amount of saturated fat is huge. Once a diabetic patient intakes this thing, it worsens the insulin sensitivity! Full fat cheese, ice cream, yogurt, milk etc are very delicious and tasty! People that prepares desserts, generally incorporates these items. But it is not good for a diabetic patient! If you have diabetes and you really need to eat dairy products, then low fat dairy products are available out there.


Fatty cuts of meat: Any day red meat is not good for a diabetic patient. If you love beef steak, pork ribs or normal lamb steak then it can boost up your cholesterol level within some minutes and can create inflammation throughout your digestive system. Diabetic people already are prone to heart diseases and hence they are open to these problems. So if you are diabetic and at the same time you love to consume meat, you need to go for lean meat. There are lots of lean meat options are available; the skinless chicken, fish, lean beef, skinless turkey etc.


Baked and Fried Packaged snacks:

Packaged snacks like chips, crackers, donuts, pretzels etc are filled with trans-fat. Consuming any percentage of Trans-fat is not at all good for a diabetic patient. It will increase the amount of bad cholesterol LDL and decrease the amount of good cholesterol HDL in a patient’s blood. If you are buying a packet of snacks then you have to go through the amount of ingredients. Suppose Trans-fat is mentioned there, you need to skip that food. If 0.5mg trans-fat is mentioned, then also don’t consume that food. If the packet includes any sort of partially hydrogenated oil, then a diabetic patient must avoid it at any circumstances.


Fried foods:

Do we even need to talk about it? Fried foods are deadly for any person. Fried foods absorb tons of oil and the greasy thing coated on a food particle will increase your blood sugar level. Increasing cholesterol is deadly for a patient and one should never consume such food as it is deadly for them. Some fried foods are even fried twice or thrice just to enhance taste and that is deadlier. Fried foods increase LDL and decrease HDL and hence they are something a diabetic patient should avoid at the first place.


People say drinking in moderation is good for health. Some say consuming a peg or two of wine is good for skin and health, but before you step out of your house for a cocktail party or if you are going to consume a glass of wine, you must ask your doctor for approval. Your doctor will tell you whether you should go for it or not. Make sure your health is comfortable with a glass of wine before you step out for it. Diabetic patients need to stay safe and check their drinking habit on regular basis.

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