Follow The Best Keto Diet Plan To Remain Fit and Healthy

Planning to lose weight and stay fit? Here are the best keto diet plan or a ketogenic diet chart for you. The name may be familiar for many but they may lack the detail in understanding the exact meaning of it. The keto diet is the eating plan that drives a person’s body into ketosis. According to Nutritionist, Stacey Mattinson of Texas, USA, the body instead of using carbohydrate as a fuel source uses ketosis. In this diet, the majority of calories which a person consumes comes from fat, with a little amount of protein and carbohydrate. Ketosis can also happen if he or she starts eating a very low-calorie diet, but should be followed with doctor’s recommendations. Before going into the ketogenic diet, a person should know the benefits and risk of it.

Benefits and Risk of Keto Diet Plan

Before jumping into a new diet, one should know the qualities and harms which might be caused by it. Three instances are explained below.

1. Help Controls Diabetes: This diet helps in the control of type 2 diabetes. It helps in improving glycemic control. It may also help reduce A1C, a test which measures the average blood sugar level over a period of two to three months, and it can reduce the need for medication as said by Mattison.

But if a diabetic person eats a lot of fat during keto diet, it can get saturated and may become unhealthy when taken in excess. Likewise, higher intake of fat through a keto diet may be a challenge for the beginners.

Since, type 2 diabetes may be more in the risk of cardiovascular disease, the saturated fat-consuming through keto can be bad. So, consulting a doctor before going for this diet is very much recommended.

2. A Keto Diet Plan can make a Big Impact in Weight loss: The first thing which comes to one’s mind is losing weight through a Keto diet. And it is true because it helps in reducing weight in the first week of the diet. When a person takes a keto diet, the body will begin to use the glycogen store(it is the storage form of carbohydrate).

With the loss of glycogen, the body will start losing water weight. At the first stage, it is motivating to see the weight loss, but it is the water that is losing initially. But it is more effective for a person with obesity. This diet suppresses the hunger which is beneficial.

One negative aspect of the diet is that it is difficult to maintain it.

3. Follow it if it is really realistic for you: According to Mattison, even if you are following a diet to be fit or to lose weight, it should be realistic enough to suit a person. Before going into any diet plan, a person should consult a nutritionist who will guide accordingly.

Important Facts To Remember

  • If the person has decided to follow the keto diet plan, he or she should follow the parameters of the diet plan. An estimate of 60 to 80 percent of calories come from fat.
  • This means that these calories come when a person eats meat, fats and oils, and less non-starchy vegetables. This diet is different from the traditional low-carb diet, even fewer curbs are permitted in this diet plan.
  • After maintaining the diet, the remaining calories come from protein. In 1 kilogram of body weight, there is 1 gram(g) protein.
  • For example, a man weighing 140 pound will need 64 gram of total protein. In the case of carbs, most people try to maintain ketosis between 20 and 50 gram carbs per day, since everybody is different so it depends on the person weight.

Moreover, if a person starts consuming food in size of a blueberry, the body of the person will return to burning carbohydrate instead of burning fats.

Here is the complete food chart to guide you better with your keto diet.

Delicious Keto Breakfast

If you are new to keto diet plan, you should start preparing the meals as easy as possible. Some classic examples of keto breakfast includes:

  • Eggs– Eggs are considered as the real winner of the Keto Diet. Breakfast with eggs can be: frittatas and quiches, eating avocado with baked eggs, hash with pork, kale, and egg, omelet with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and mushrooms, scrambled eggs with spinach, cream cheese, and bell pepper.
  • Sausage: goes with any breakfast meal
  • Ham: goes with every breakfast meal
  • Coffee: A morning cup of coffee is a good start.
  • Skipping intake of sweet is even better.

Simple Special Keto Lunches

keto diet plan

Some simple yet delicious keto lunches are:

  • Chicken salad with cheese, avocado, eggs, nuts, and pour vinegar or olive oil for dressing.
  • Rolls of lean, deli meats can be thinly sliced and wrapped around cheese, pickles or bell peppers.
  • Egg or tuna salad, which are prepared with rich olive oil mayonnaise.
  • Soup without containing pasta or beans
  • Rice bowl of cauliflower with a grilled protein, cheese and nuts

Many nutritionists has advised that if a person starting a ketogenic diet, try to maintain a structure of their meals and can also repeat it in the next meal, it becomes easier and healthier.

Simple and Tastier Dinner

Simple keto dinner may include the following:

  • Lean protein along with a low-carb vegetable side adding a green salad to it.
  • Some high-fat dishes include: Zucchini noodles
  • Ground-beef staffed pepper
  • Hamburger steaks with smashed cauliflowers
  • Ham and Cheese chicken breast loaded with broccoli
  • Lettuce wrapped with peanuts, chicken and low-carb dressing.

The meals mentioned above contains protein, oils, nuts, fats, and cheese.This is the actual keto diet plan. Follow this easy, delicious and simple meals in your diet, you will have higher probability to be healthy and fit.

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