Five offbeat ways to build immunity


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Bored of hearing and reading about the same ways to boost immunity, whether it is eating healthy, exercising, getting enough vitamin D or catching some more sleep? As important as they may be for our wellbeing, we need variety to break the monotony once in a while, right! Read on for an alternative approach.

Massage for immunity:

As per a 2006 study by the Group Health Research Institute, getting a massage can boost your immune system. When we are stressed, our bodies tend to release cortisol, a hormone which makes the body crave carbohydrates and fats when released in excess. Massage balances the cortisol levels, leading to a sense of mental wellbeing as well.

Take a hike, literally!

Exercise is important and what’s equally important is where you do it. A study from 2009 conducted by Japanese researchers shares that a good amount of time spent hiking increases the white blood cell count and other immunity boosters.

Fine “tune” your system!

Music lovers may not be surprised by this one as they may already claim it is no less than therapy. Listening to peaceful music lowers cortisol levels and increases levels of immunoglobulin A, a natural immune booster.

Do you like it cold?

There are three kinds of people, those who have a liking for cold water, those who test the water with their toes before stepping into steaming hot water, and those who spend forever in finding a lukewarm balance. An interesting piece of news for all the three are a cold shower may help your immune system become a stronger fighter against disease. After a cold shower, the body increases its metabolic rate while trying to warm up, which gives your immune system an extra boost.

You stink!

The rule of thumb for immunity? The stinkier it is, the more it will boost your immune system. Whether it’s ginger, raw garlic or ginseng, stinky food works well in building immunity and also helps you recover from sickness. We suggest you keep some mints handy and you’re ready to go!

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