Five Easy Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Easy exercises are simple for all to perform anywhere. A busy routine is keeping most of the people away from indulging in a proper active training routine. The most common reason for this particular ignorance is the lack of space and time. People are always governed by their goals, motives, and family which make them relentless towards their own body. But here are some easy exercises that you can perform anytime and anywhere. Try these tips and you will surely feel better at the end of the day. Moreover, daily exercise will help to prevent many diseases.

Easy Exercises you can do Anywhere:

1. Warrior 3 Exercise for Cellulite Reduction:

Excess of cellulite on your body will always restrict the range of body movement. A warrior pose will help you get rid of the extra cellulite.

How to perform it?

  • First of all, stand straight on flat ground with your feet placed at a distance from each other.
  • Raise your left leg in the air parallel to the ground.
  • The entire body weight should be on your right leg.
  • The head and torso should align and form a straight line with the arms resting at each side.
  • The left side of your body should be aligned and the core should be engaged. You need to be in the same position for around 5 breaths.


Warrior 3 pose improves your core strength. Likewise, the muscles of the leg will also be toned.

2. Swan Dive Exercise for Posture Correction:

You must be acquainted with this posture for a long time. It is one of the staple positions which are usually practiced and taught by yoga professionals.

How to perform it?

  • Lie down on a flat surface in a prone position. Make sure to stretch your entire body.
  • Raise both your hands and legs from the ground about six inches off. Wait for a second stretching your legs away from the body.
  • Move your arms in a circular motion. Now, stretch your arms towards your leg, keeping your palms face to face with the body.
  • Wait for a second and then bring back your entire body to the ground. Repeat this exercise for about 6 to 8 times for getting effective results.
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It strengthens the back muscles of the body. Simultaneously, it also helps in improving your overall posture. Thus, enhances the personality of the individual.

3. Caterpillar Plank for Core Strengthening:

The Classic plank position is great for core muscles. However, one can also increase the pace of cellulite burn by increasing their plank sets.

The Caterpillar plank is one such exercise which can help you achieve the body of your dreams.

How to perform it?

  • First of all, stand with both your feet wide apart from each other.
  • Bend forward by placing both your hands on the ground. Change your standing position to a plank position with the Shoulders facing the ground.
  • Bend your elbows a little bit to decrease the height of your body and then come back to the original position.
  • Similarly, bend the right knee and move it closer to your chest. Make sure to bend your waist as well.
  • Perform the last step until the body is parallel to the ground. Now come back to the plank position.


This particular exercise is extremely helpful for people who want to strengthen their core muscles. Also, it works like magic for your upper body fat.

4. Boat Post-exercise for Getting Rid of that Belly Pooch:

easy exercises

Everyone is acquainted of the fact that the belly pooch can be extremely hard to get rid of. The boat pose is an effective exercise for eliminating any stored cellulite in this region.

How to perform it?

  • First of all, sit in a bent position, keeping your feet flat on the ground.
  • Stretch your body in a manner that your hands are resting in a forward position. The palms should face in towards the body.
  • The entire body should be stretched in a v shape.
  • Tighten the muscles around your lower ab, simultaneously keeping the shoulder muscles relaxed. The inner thigh should be engaged as well.
  • Stay in the same position for about 5 breaths and then, come back to normal position. Repeat this exercise three times.


This exercise is extremely beneficial to burn the belly fat. Women who are going through the post-pregnancy phase can fix the extra cellulite around the belly region.

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Easy Exercises to Perform at Home:

5. Straight-line Side Lift Exercise for Stubborn Thigh Fat:

It is one of the best exercises for those who are dealing with thigh fat.

How to perform it?

  • First of all, lie down in a side position, stretching your hands firmly on the ground.
  • Your head should be resting on your hand which is having contact with the ground.
  • Raise both of the legs off the ground while breathing slowly.
  • Breathe out as soon as you start lowering them.
  • Make sure to keep the feet 1 inch apart from the ground. Repeat this exercise for around 10 to 12 times and then switch to the other side.


This exercise is extremely beneficial for people who are struggling with stubborn fat around their thigh area. Consequently, it also leads to a reduction in belly fat.

Try these Easy Exercises and Notice the Change in You

Hence, the above-mentioned exercises are extremely useful. None of them need any equipment for people who wish to perform them. Thus it is more economical as well. Moreover, exercises are essential for anyone, irrespective of their body weight. So, even if you consider yourself to be a quintessential body, it would be daft to ignore such an important aspect of life.


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