Home Remedies to help you fight Delhi’s Obnoxious Air Pollution

Rapid industrialization, increase in motor vehicles, construction activities and deforestation are the major causes of deteriorating air quality! The World Health Organization researched to find the most polluted cities across the world. From the top 12 polluted cities around the world, 11 are in India, and the proportion of air pollution in New Delhi is horrendous.

Air pollution in New Delhi is a topic of discussion from many years and the entire population in Delhi is suffering from the condition. The toxic pollutants present in the air deeply affect the health condition and long-term exposure cause permanent health problems including fatal conditions.

It’s high time to take measures to protect your health from the hazards of air pollution!

Pregnant women, infants, and senior citizens are under high risks of pollution. However, a single person in New Delhi can’t avoid the related health issues. The list of diseases includes bronchitis, asthma, cardiovascular and respiratory problems including lung cancer, skin infection, and hair loss.  It is essential to stay protected from health issues with the best remedies!

Residing in Delhi, you will certainly love to learn about the home remedies that can help you to fight Delhi’s obnoxious pollution. The home remedies won’t cost you high but will protect you from the toxic pollutants and extend your life span!

8 simple remedies to stay protected from the toxic pollutants in the air of Delhi

  1. Add Jaggery to your daily diet

Jaggery is a natural food packed with several nutrients that remove the harmful elements from the lungs, bloodstream, food pipe and respiratory system. You need to add jaggery to your daily diet which will eliminate the dust particles and toxins from the entire system.

Jaggery will detoxify the body and support to lead a healthy life. This natural remedy is one of the cheap Home Remedies and suitable for families of any class. You can either consume jaggery separately or can prepare certain food items using it.

  1. Use Neem leaves for detoxifying skin

Neem tree possesses immense medicinal values and traditionally used as medicines to combat different allergies. Add some Neem leaves in water and boil it. You can use the water to bath, wash hair, face, and gargle. The boiled water with Neem leaves will detoxify the skin and prevent skin allergies making it one of the simple Home Remedies. Before using the boiled water, allow it to cool down to avoid burns!

You can eat raw neem leaves for detoxifying the internal body but make sure to consume 3-4 leaves in a day, and you can repeat it twice in a week. You can reap the medicinal values of Neem without bearing any costs and stay protected from Air Pollution.


  1. Use Tulsi (Basil) to soothe your respiratory system

Tulsi Plant is well-known and common in Hindu families. The plant is also one of the major constituents used in several Ayurvedic treatments. You can take a few Tulsi leaves and crush it form juice. You can consume the juice directly or mix a spoon of honey or even consume the Tulsi leaves directly.

Tulsi will clean the respiratory tract and prevent the pollutants from creating a blockage. Tulsi rewards with several health benefits for every age group. Consuming the leaves regularly you can experience the benefits within a few days and stay fit in the city with intolerable air pollution.

  1. Add Ginger to your daily diet

Ginger is a common spice used in Indian kitchens as well as a popular medicine used traditionally. Apart from using as a spice for cooking, you can use grated ginger as an ingredient in tea and also chew pieces of fresh ginger with salt. Certain compounds including gingerol found in ginger help in inhibiting airway contraction and reducing airway inflammation.


Ginger also keeps the immune system perfect which combats with the pollutants keeping you healthy. The organic product develops no adverse effects offering simple and no-cost solutions to stay fit in the polluted city- Delhi. Try one of the simple Home Remedies!

  1. Use Turmeric regularly and protect your body

Turmeric is a popular spice and long used as an Ayurvedic medicine for possessing incredible medicinal properties. Curcumin is an active component found in the herb making it a strong and powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric combats with the foreign invaders and repairs the damages preventing chronic inflammation. You can add turmeric powder in milk or any other dish to reap the benefits. Make sure to judge the quality over quantity! Consuming turmeric regularly will be rewarding, and you can protect your body from the disease-causing bacteria.

  1. Use Garlic and Onions in the daily diet

Garlic and Onion get used extensively in Indian kitchens and packed with antioxidants and several other medicinal properties. The incredible medicinal properties offer several health benefits thus is being used traditionally for curing and preventing different diseases.

Garlic and Onion help to overcome infections as well as boosts immunity level in the body. These natural products are quite rewarding for preventing and treating asthma and other respiratory issues. You can use onion and garlic in the daily diet to experience the benefits and protect your health from the adverse effects of air pollution.

  1. Ghee blocks the pollutants from entering the body

Consume pure ghee regularly to invalidate the harmful effects of the toxic pollutants like mercury and lead in the polluted air which causes severe effects on kidneys and liver. You can also add a few drops of ghee into the nostrils while going to bed as it will prevent the pollutants from entering the respiratory system. Using ghee for preventing the effects of pollution is one of the easiest Home Remedies.

  1. Consuming Triphala will restore the Tridosha balance

Pollution critically affects Tridosha- the governing energies of the human body which controls a person emotionally and physically. The toxic pollutants will imbalance the governing energies in the body and affect the overall health condition. Consuming Triphala will restore the imbalances and ensure a healthy body.


Triphala includes three fruits, i.e., Bibhitaki, Amalaki and Haritaki. You need to prepare an herbal mixture of the three fruits of equal quantity without seeds. You can also find the herbal powder at ayurvedic stores. Consume the powder with honey before going to bed for the best benefits and remain healthy in the city engulfed by air pollution.


Several toxic pollutants engulf the city and are responsible for a wide range of health hazards. Fleeing away from the city is not the solution! Strengthening the body’s resistance power and powering the infection-fighting cells with a constant flow of essential nutrients you can stay healthy. Follow the home remedies and prepare your body to fight back the regular obnoxious air pollution in Delhi.

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