Facts That Increase Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the measure of the pressure of blood through vessels. If the veins are narrow, it increases your blood pressure. To most people, the factors which can increase your blood pressure are not clear. The problem is named as Hyper-tension. Contrary to this, low blood pressure is called as Hypotension. However, high blood pressure develops with time. In the long run, it can affect other parts of the body. Also, it creates other health-related problems. In most of the cases, it does not come up with the symptoms. But ignoring the problem for a long time leads to kidney and heart-related problems.

In this regard, one should definitely keep the related facts in mind. These factors can raise your blood pressure to a certain level.

Hypertension can Increase Your Blood Pressure

Increase Your Blood Pressure

There are two types of Hyper-Tension. The first one is called primary and the other one is secondary.

Talking about the primary, the problem develops with no reason. Most of the population is targeted by this type. The common cause of primary hypertension is genetic transfer, hormonal changes, and environmental issues. The problem progresses slowly and may become serious at a later stage. Contrary to the first one, secondary hypertension shows up at once. Also, this hypertension is more serious and problematic in this case. These are various factors contributing to high blood pressure:

Foods Containing Sodium

The biggest responsible factor for hypertension is sodium in food. Almost all processed food has sodium in them. Most foods contain sodium in the form of salt. Foods like canned and frozen foods are dangerous in this case. These foods have a higher amount than required.

Too much Salt Consumption

Sodium can narrow the blood vessels. As a result, the pressure rises. Foods like banana, yogurt, and potato can help. It helps in blood-thinning properties. Hence, the vessels feel less pressure while flowing. As a result, blood pressure is reduced significantly.

Medical Condition

The health problems related to the kidney can raise blood pressure. Along with this, disturbance in sleep can be a cause. On a serious note, sleeping disorder targets bad blood pressure. The oxygen supply in the blood is less due to breathing problems. This may raise blood pressure in the body.


Few drug consumption can raise your blood pressure. These medicines are consumed by you regularly. Even for minor health issues, medicines are suggested. It includes:

  • Medicines containing steroids
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Medicines for cold and cough
  • Non Steroids- Ibuprofen

Extra Sugar can Increase Your Blood Pressure

People often relate sugar to glucose levels. It can lead to diabetes. Also, the fact is true no doubt. But, the additional effects of sugar can be seen on the blood pressure as well. It can lead to a case of high blood pressure. All processed food raises the risk of blood pressure and diabetes.

Stress or Feeling Lonely

This is a well-known fact. If you have more social networks, the chances of being a healthy increase. Further, if you don’t have friends or family, the risk is high. Additional factors are coming into the picture these days. As the fear of losing someone and work stress also adds up to this. Try to socialize with the people. Go for regular visits to your loved ones.

Restless and Sleep Apnea

People suffering from sleep apnea have high-risk factors. The problem arises due to the continuous lack of sleep. Interruption in the breathing created the problem. Also, when the oxygen supply in blood is low, it raises the pressure. Also, sleep apnea raises the risk of heart problems.

Thyroid Problem

The thyroid is a problem coming from lower levels of thyroid. As the glands are narrowed, it creates more pressure. In this case, the heart feels more pressure while pumping. As a result, the blood pressure increases from its normal value. In addition to this, thyroids can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol. This in term affects the fat people badly. As a result, bad cholesterol increases.  The thyroid problem is more common in females aged 30 years.

Smoking and Drinking Habits

Cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption can increase the risk of blood pressure. Consumption on a regular basis may damage your inner vessels. Consequently, the blood feels more pressure to pass. In conclusion, it raises your blood pressure significantly.

On similar grounds, alcohol has similar effects on heart muscles. For men, consumption should be limited to two drinks every day. While for females, it should be only one drink per day. The consumption is defined for the middle age people. For older people, alcohol is limited to only one drink per day.

Low Physical Activity

Everyone knows physical exercise regulates your blood circulation. Regular exercise will benefit you in uncountable ways. Thus, normal blood circulation can help lowering high pressure felt by the blood vessel. Due to these facts, older adults are advised to have a brisk walk every day.

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