Balanced and healthy diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet and dieting have a sea of difference, so here we are talking about being healthy by making few simple and smart food choices. Your metabolic process starts with food and your day ends post dinner, so you basically run on food!

Make yourself a priority. Observe what your body likes and what it reacts to. Accordingly, balance out your food choices. Ever tried using a quarter plate to eat? Maybe not! Try using a smaller plate at meals to help control the amount of food you eat – you can always refill!

We all talk about fruits and their benefits, yet how often do we make them a part of the meal or have just fruits for breakfast? Try clubbing fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli for spicing up your meal, while ensuring your appetite is satiated and you get a variety of tastes all in one, with some crunch as well.

As we discuss food, there’s something we can’t forget – drink water … and drink some more. Avoid it for some time after having food, so you can allow it to digest. Try not glugging down a lot while eating as well. As much as we trust juices and other coolers to help us beat the heat, there’s nothing like water. Keep a water bottle handy while on the move or at your desk, so it’s within reach and gets you in the habit.

Are you a Mexican food lover or Italian? Whichever cuisine you go with and plan an outing with friends and family, there are many whole grain options available in quite a few places, such as whole-grain pastas, brown rice and breads.

Choose whole grains like brown rice and whole-grain pastas and breads more often. Foods with a high-fiber content can help give you a feeling of fullness and also provide key nutrients.

Don’t cut everything out – it’s just not fair to yourself. Limit foods high in solid fats and added sugar. Cut down on meats such as ribs and bacon. Go for cookies and candies once in a while – to treat yourself.

Do you enjoy cooking? Then why not try out healthier recipes – something as per your preference rather than trying out healthier food options outside, which you may or may not enjoy outside.

Once you’re able to get your diet in check, it’s essential you “move” – be it by taking some walking breaks at work or easy cardio every morning to start the day. Ask your friends to join in, too, to double up the fun quotient.

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  1. Wow,it’s an advise,which speaks of a conscious shift in the mindset of today’s youth.Healthy options are also a better choice.Very well written nd an easy read.well done!!

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