Eleven Surprising Facts To Eat More Lemons And Limes

Lemons and Limes are considered as the powerhouse which add up flavors to your delicious dishes with health benefits. Lemons are available throughout the year but it mostly grows during May, June, and July. While limes grow from May till October. Deficiency of Vitamins leads to various diseases. Proper intake of every vitamin is essential for all. Before knowing about the surprising facts that can cure people while having more lemons, let us know the difference between the two.

Difference Between Lemons and Limes

Both lemons and limes are two citrus fruits, which are different genetically but are related to each other. When we talk about shape, lemons are oval and have a yellow textured outer peel. The inner part of the fruit is also divided into eight to ten segments similar to other citrus fruits.

On the other hand, limes are smaller than lemons and are green and round. It has a diameter of one to two inches which are covered with green peels. The taste of lime is bitter or sweet which depends on the variety. Sour limes have citric acid in it which makes them acidic, while the sweet lime lacks in citric acid which is slight sweet in taste. However, even though they differ, both have surprising benefits which attract people to consume more of lemons and limes.

Surprising Facts about Lemons and Limes:

1. Lemons and Limes add flavors to Food

Squeezing some lemon or lime in a glass of water or in a tasty chicken dish or salad makes the food delicious. Along with the taste, it adds vitamins and minerals similar to other citrus fruits. The most important part of it is that there is less sugar in it.

2. Keep Wrinkles Away

Vitamin C, which is also known as ascorbic acid is not created in the body. It is pressent in various food. Collagen is produced through Vitamin C which helps the skin to remain full and springy. Without an adequate amount of it, the skin will wrinkle. It is true that getting wrinkles is a part of aging but there are ways to slow down by eating the right nutrients and vitamins.

3. Stay Active by Having Lemons and Limes

Riboflavin and Thiamin are part of the Vitamin B complex. It helps in making your food energetic. They help in making the cells of the body active, grow and do their job. One medium-sized lime or lemon helps in adding a small portion of what a person needs every day.

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4. Lemons and Limes Serves as Antioxidants

One of the superhero substance is antioxidants.  Flavonoid, Vitamin C, essential oils, phenolic acids, and coumarins are part of antioxidants. All of these are present in limes and lemons. These different parts of the antioxidants bend together to fight the bad guys- which are free radicals. Free radicals might damage the cells and lead to various health diseases.

5. Helps in the Growth of the Baby

A small amount of folic acid or folate which is a part of Vitamin B is present in limes and lemons. It helps in the growth of the baby in the womb. Cells use these components to divide and to create more cells. It also helps in creating genetic materials in both the bodies and also helps the baby’s cell to for growth of the body.

6. Lower your Blood Pressure through Lemons and Lime

Lemons And Limes

The juice and also the peel of these citrus fruit helps in lowering the blood pressure. Expert suggests squeezing some juice into the water and drink it before and after going for a walk. It is beneficial for you. If a person is taking medication for blood pressure, it is better to consult the doctor before consuming any citrus fruits.

7. A Deterrence to Cancer

Limes and lemons helps to prevent cancer. There is no direct evidence that these fruits can fight cancer, but these are full of antioxidants which helps in preventing in the first place. It can mainly help in deterring cancer of bone, stomach, liver, breast, and colon.

8. Keep Your Heart Healthy

The flavonoids present in the lemons and limes help. Having these citrus fruits can keep the fats and sugar in the body of a person at a healthy level. Because the increase in fats and sugar are bad for the blood vessels.

9. Activate your Brain

These citrus fruits contain special chemicals, which safeguards the brain cells from toxic substance present in a person’s body. They also help in protecting from inflammation and general cell break down and because of it, they can also help people to stay away from brain diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

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10. Helps in Keeping Gums Healthy

Bleeding, swollen gums and loose tooth are symptoms of scurvy. These signs were common a long ago when people could not easily eat Vitamin C food.  But nowadays these symptoms can occur because of smoking, getting older, or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Likewise, citrus food helps in preventing the above problems but citrus fruit is also bad for tooth enamel. Waiting for at least 30 minutes after you drink or eat something with acid and then go for brushing is a better option.

11. Lose Your Extra Weight

A special kind of antioxidants is present in the limes and lemons which is known as polyphenols. It may help in curbing body fat or hold off weight. Scientists believe that these citrus fruits can change the process of making fat and helps in improving its response to insulin. It is only a part of losing weight. Regular exercise, low-calorie intakes, and more substantial lifestyle improvements can together be beneficial in reducing weight.

Thus, this list of surprising facts about lemons and limes can guide people to consume it better. Therefore, the presence of various nutrients like Vitamins, C and flavonoid help a person in many ways as discussed above. As a result, it is safe to consume lemons and limes in a moderate amount. Make these fruits a part of your life to remain healthy.


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