Effective Wellness Guide to Quit Smoking & Drinking!

If you want to quit smoking, this time you have a new year’s resolution, then you will have to leave the habit of alcohol. According to a new study, people drinking excessive alcohol trying to quit smoking will find that drinking less alcohol can help them to quit smoking habit every day. This study has been published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

If people with excessive alcohol control their habit, their nicotine metabolite rate is low. Earlier research has also shown that people with expensive nicotine metabolism rates are more likely to smoke and they are too complicated to quit.

Professor at Oregon State University in the US, said th at drinking less alcohol can lower the nicotine metabolism rate of any person, helping it to quit smoking, which is a difficult task. Addiction is a terrible addiction. Nowadays most youths have been addicted to drugs. Smoking or alcohol consumption, any intoxication can happen. The direct effect of all this affects the life and health of the person. Many people want to get rid of their bad habits. In such a way, some of the things present in the house can be relieved of its addiction.

Helpful wellness guide to quit smoking and drinking:

1) Know your Motivation:

You require a strong, and personal reason to quit alcohol or Smoking. Talk to your parents, friends or relatives about your smoke and alcohol addiction and discuss with them about planning to leave this bad habit.

2) Seek your Friends Help:

Make your friend your partner in this, who can get you out of it. If any member of a friend or family wants to leave this habit, then advise them to go the two together. Their encouragement and solidarity make a big difference.

3) Take control of stress:

One of the main reasons for smoking is that nicotine relaxes them from stress. Once you quit smoking, you can adopt another method of reducing stress. Massage regularly, listen to casual music or learn yoga or Tai Chi. If possible, avoid stress-related conditions for a few weeks after quitting smoking.

4) Avoiding Alcohol and Fiji Drinks:

Is one of the main factors that inspire smoking, so when you are leaving cigarettes, drink at least alcohol. So whenever you go out, drink water or juice. Some people have noticed that by changing only the beverages, you can reduce the habit of cigarette.

5) Fruits and vegetables:

When milk, celery, the carrot is eaten before smoking, its taste starts bitter, and it leaves a terrible taste in the mouth, due to which the smoker casts the cigarette in the middle.

6) Baking soda cocktail:

Baking soda enhances the amount of pH in the urine, due to which the nicotine present in the body emits out of the body in small quantities. This reduces the desire to take nicotine. Take half a spoon baking soda three times a day. Another way is to take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it in a glass and drink it after each meal.

7) Eat foods rich in vitamin C, for example, oranges, lemon, barley, and guava. Consumption of cigarette reduces the desire to smoke cigarettes. This is because cigarettes prevent the supply of Vitamin C in your body, due to which it decreases in your body which completes nicotine.

8) Water:

People who are addicted to smoking should consume more water in the day. Doing so the stomach is full and there is no desire to drink cigarettes.

9) Cinnamon:

Whenever you want to smoke cigarettes, smell the pieces of cinnamon. Its sharp aroma fulfills the nicotine’s desire. Apart from this, you can also eat nicotine and eat it.

Smoking & Drinking

10) Ginger:

To get rid of alcohol and cigarette addiction, take a piece of ginger every day and chew slowly. Continuing this for a few days, the habit of doing intoxicants will automatically remove. Apart from this, you can also consume one teaspoon of sugar in ginger paste.

11) Salty Foods:

Whenever you want to smoke cigarettes, then snacks, such as chips, papad, pickles, etc. can be eaten. Whenever you want to smoke cigarettes then you should keep a little salt on the tongue, the desire to drink your cigarette will end.

12) Dried Fruit:

The smell of dried fruit reduces the appetite for smoking.

13) Reward yourself:

Because of the habit of smoking, and you will get the benefit of health as well as save your money. Use some of these remaining money for any other fun.

14) Chewing gum:

Sugar-free candy or chewing gum keeps your mouth busy and reduces the desire to drink cigarettes. Leave cigarettes slowly.

15) Be friends with people who do not smoke cigarettes when people around you, family members or people working with you smoke cigarettes, and then in such a situation, it becomes difficult to quit smoking habit. Everyone in your social circle should know that you are changing your addiction, so tell everyone about your decision. Keep yourself among such people who do not smoke and who can help you to quit this habit.

16) Meditation:

Meditation is the key point to balance your daily life. If you are in the disturbed state of mind due to this addiction. So, start to spare at least half an hour or an hour to do meditation and calm your mind.

17) Keep yourself Busy:

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety at the initial stage. One thing you do is keep yourself Busy. Do daily activity such as cleaning your house, washing utensils, wash your clothes.

18) Try and Try again:

If you are not successful at the first attempt, second attempt and so on. You should try again and again.  Never free help. You have to stay calm, stay focused, dedicated to your goal.


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