Eat These Foods This Winter To Get Glowing Skin

Winter takes away the glowing skin with dry chilling winds. Some people have renamed winter with weather of cool breezes and snow-capped trees. Further, dry air takes away the moisture from your skin. As a result, everyone experiences the dull and chapped skin in winter. Even heaters and blowers used to overcome chilly weather. Hence, it takes off the moisture from your skin. Winter targets your whole body parts leaving it open to flu and infection. But, it is harsh on the skin especially. In return, you buy a dozen of lotions and cream to keep yourself hydrated.

Watch out for a Glowing Skin

Along with the skincare regime, it is important to watch out your food. There are some special food that keeps you hydrated and glowing throughout winters. These foods can also be named as skin-nourishing foods. Including these foods in your diet will be a blessing on your skin. You will experience moisturized and radiating skin. Additionally, this food improves your immunity. Immunity boosters are much needed in winters because of dropping temperatures.

In order to have super glowing skin, include these foods in your diet:


Glowing Skin

Carrots are full of vitamin C. It is well known for glowing skin. Further, it produces collagen in the body. Collagen improves skin elasticity as well. Also, vitamin A present in carrots improves uneven skin tone and eliminate wrinkles. Hence, vitamin A acts as anti-oxidant needed against free radicals.

Additional benefits of carrots come from beta carotene. It helps in protecting skin from UV rays coming from the sun. Lastly, carrots are loaded with potassium and antioxidants that remove the issues of dry skin.

Consider carrot juice thrice a week. You can also add beetroot, amla, lemon, and orange in it. Thus, it will cleanse your body by giving radiating skin.

Green Tea

Green tea is full of anti-oxidants. And it helps to keep your skin nourished. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties which help in healing at a faster rate. Talking of its skin benefits, it prevents skin blemishes.

Matcha is a powdered milled green tea. The benefits of matcha green tea are uncountable. But green tea does not include oxidation in processing. Hence, the level of anti-oxidants is quite high. It helps in fighting against pollution and hard UV rays. The product is commercially used in face masks and skincare products.

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Chia and Pumpkin Seeds

Chia seeds can be consumed throughout the year. It includes important fatty acids like omega 3 alpha and omega-6. These fatty acids boost skin rejuvenation. Also, fatty acids slow down the aging rate and give you a more youthful appearance. In terms of overall health also, your body needs these fatty acids.

Sunflowers seeds have gained much popularity, recently. And, pumpkin seeds are worth giving a try. In terms of taste and easy availability, pumpkin seeds overpower other seeds. A small amount of it can enrich you with 18% of daily magnesium dose. Change your unhealthy snacks with seeds. It will charm you to glow into flawless skin.

Olive Oil

The benefits of olive oil for skin, hair, and health make it unique. It is enriched with vitamin E which is much needed for skin repairing. Further, it produces collagen in your body improving skin elasticity.

Additionally, olive oil contains nutrients like vitamin A and fatty acids. It hydrates the skin by leaving a glowing texture. It improves the uneven skin tone by fighting against free radicals. One should definitely include olive oil in their routine.

Include in salads or use as cooking oil. One can simply massage gently over the face to get glowing skin the next morning.


This superfood is packed with lots of vitamins A, C and E. Also, they contain monounsaturated fats. It helps in retaining moisture. This property is much needed in winter especially when dry air leaves your skin un-hydrated. Avocados also help in healthy blood circulation. Hence, it gives you glowing skin throughout the winter. Glutamine present in them cleanses your skin. Thus, it helps in removing dead skin cells. Include avocado to have soft and supple skin.

Have avocado shake or simply add it to your salad. One may spread avocado on bread in place of peanut butter or jam.

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Dark Chocolate

Chocolate brings a smile as you hear the name. Dark chocolates are filled with flavonoids. This protects us from sun damage. Also, it improves blood circulation and removes free radicals. Hence, it gives you even skin tone with a glow. Grab a cup of hot chocolate in winter and warm yourself. Remember to include dark chocolate only.

Cacao is a fine powder made with chocolate beans. It is full of anti-oxidants makes it beneficial for anti-aging. This is one of the hidden secrets of Korean beauty. Women should consume dark chocolate especially to get wrinkle-free skin.


The red color of tomatoes comes from lycopene present in them. It is beneficial for your skin as well. Tomatoes are enriched with anti-aging properties giving you younger-looking skin. Having tomatoes every day in your food improves skin elasticity. Eating tomatoes gives you fresh and glowing skin.


The high content of citric acid present in oranges helps in acne treatment. Further, it is used for skin exfoliation for getting fresh and glowing skin. In comparison to oranges, orange peel has a higher amount of vitamin C. The peel is used in most of the exfoliating skincare products available in the market.

Peel the skin of orange slightly with a peeler. Include this in your regular face mask to get radiating skin.


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