Is It Health Friendly to Drink Celery Juice Every Morning!

A full glass of celery juice gives a healthy dose of fibre, vitamin C and K, potassium and also known as a low-calorie snack. But few things stop it from being the healthiest elixir. Here’s what it is. Fruit and Vegetable juices have always been known for its healthful qualities. Celery juices are causing excitement among health freaks. As It is known to help in lowering the blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and also for detoxifying the body. It may also even control mental health problems, eczema and infertility. In fact, as per some health experts advise drinking celery juice first thing in the morning to see useful results. A full glass of the juice gives a healthy dose of fibres, vitamins and potassium. And it is acknowledged to be one of the low-calorie meals. But there is few that things stop it from being a healthy snack.

Here are few Benefits of the celery juice:-

  • Very low-calorie meal. A cup of diced celery has 20 calories only. And extracting the juice from it might change it a little bit, besides it is known as a low-calorie choice.
  • It made up of a compound known as 3-n-butylphthalide that produces positive consequences on reducing bad cholesterol in our body.
  • Taking a glassful of celery juice every day helps you keep your blood pressure levels in control. The compound 3-n-butylphthalide manages to diminish the discharge of stress hormones and eases the muscles present in your blood vessels.
  • Celery juice helps to control the acid in your body and makes it alkaline to some extents.
  • It is known to be really great for weight loss too. It is low in calories and is satisfying both at the same time.


Here are the reasons why celery juice may not be considered as healthy as it is thought to be:-

The benefits of celery juices, or any other vegetable or fruit juice, may be restricted, finding the extracting of juicing may remove away the important fibres from them. And fibre keeps you stay fuller for a more extended period, enhancing intestinal health and supporting the healthy bacteria in the gut. All of the specific factors help to lose weight efficiently. Besides, while celery juice is considered a low-calorie snack, the calorie content changes when the juice is extracted. A full glass of juice may contain about 42 calories. Though, this does not take away the benefits of the celery juices may have to offer to you. A glass of it may be beneficial, anyway.

As per few claim, that you should be drinking at least 16 ounces of the celery juice in empty stomach to gain the most benefits?

Experts say that’s mostly bogus.

“You are typically dehydrated in the morning when you wake up, so drinking a big glass of celery juice first thing might make it seem like you’re getting more benefits than you actually are,” –  says Crandall Snyder.

Taking celery juice on an empty stomach may not be the most beneficial way to consume it anyway.

“Some nutrients are absorbed better in the presence of other nutrients,” – says Arévalo.

Vitamin K, it is always absorbed better in the presence of fat. Thus, in that case, it is better to blend it with some sort of food that is high in good fats to absorption vitamin K.

“At the same time, says Arévalo, “there are other nutrients [in celery] that are absorbed better by themselves, like calcium. So, I guess your choice depends on the benefits you expect to get from eating it.”

So, the bottom line is that the celery juices are a very healthy drink, but it is not the elixir as the social media claims it.

“There’s no magic behind celery juice other than the fact that you’re getting a very concentrated source of high-fibre being put into a refreshing beverage,” says Crandall Snyder.

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