Do These Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure

You can reduce the risk of heart problems through exercises to lower blood pressure. You can avoid many problems if you make exercise your daily routine. It improves your strength and energy to complete your daily tasks. Also, it improves mental health by improving focus.

High blood pressure is a problem where your heart feels more pressure while pumping blood. This could happen due to various reasons. These include having too salty food, stress and lack of physical inactivity. Exercises to lower blood pressure can be a boon for your heart. It is a well-known fact that exercises improve blood circulation. As a result, the heart feels less pressure while pumping.

Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure

To adopt exercises to lower blood pressure, it is not necessary to hit a gym. There are basically three kinds of exercises you should try:

Cardiovascular Exercises:

These exercises can help you in lowering your blood pressure. Hence, these exercises improve your heart’s health. There are a variety of exercises that comes in this list.

Brisk Walking

This is one of the most beneficial exercises to lower blood pressure. Brisk walk reduces the stiffness of your blood vessels. Hence, it improves blood circulation by lowering pressure on your heart. One may notice the effects immediately after exercising. You can significantly notice lower blood pressure after the workout. But you don’t have to worry about it as this is temporary.

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Doctors suggest going for a brisk walk every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. An ideal way to include the exercise in your routine is to divide it into small intervals.  Instead of taking a brisk walk, one may choose to go mild walking three times per day. This will be equally beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

Stress is another main cause of increased blood pressure. Go along with your friends and make it extra special. This helps in improving your social circle with the cutting of stress.

Biking or Stationary Cycling

 Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure

This is one of the easiest exercises to lower your blood pressure. Include biking for 30 minutes in a day and notice the difference. One may break the whole session into small intervals. You can have three sessions of cycling for 10 minutes instead of half an hour session.

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Instead of worrying about your busy schedule, you can incorporate it in different ways. If your office distance is not large, prefer to go with a cycle. You can prefer this over using a motorbike or car. Another way is going to the market in the evening on walking.


Climbing a mountain can be a fun activity with a group of friends. It improves your fitness significantly. This is one of the fastest and effective exercises to lower blood pressure. It can bring the blood pressure level to 10 points below. Further, it may reduce the chances of a stroke to 40 % than normal.

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Choose a weekend for hiking to nearby hilly areas. This can also be a great picnic spot. Along with trekking, go for a couple of fun games as well.

Dive in Exercises

This exercise is suggested to older age adults. For old age people, these exercises can be a boon to lower blood pressure. Continuous swimming for 3 months can effectively regulate your blood pressure. For this, you need to swim for around 45 minutes per day.

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According to a study, swimming reduced the blood pressure 9 points below the normal value. One needs to maintain continuity in order to see the outcome. Once you stop the practice, it may be retained to higher value again. Taking a break for a few days is not a problem. But longer breaks can misbalance your blood pressure level again.

Strengthening Exercise

These can be named as exercises to lower blood pressure as well as a weight loss too. It is good for burning the excess fat deposited on the different body parts. In addition to these benefits, it helps in building muscles and strengthens the bones.

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Exercises in this category may be numerous but here we are mentioning few. Few exercises to lower your blood pressure are:

Desk Treadmilling and Pedal Pushing

In comparison to brisk walk or hiking, treadmilling is way more beneficial. It shows more optimized results. Continue 1 mile per hour pace at treadmills and notice the lowered blood pressure. In a gym session, one should exercise this for 10 minutes every hour.

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It strengthens the heart by improving blood circulation. Hence, these exercises regulate blood pressure.

Weight Training

Weight lifting may effectively regulate your blood pressure. It may sound weird but yes this is true. In contrary to brisk walking, blood pressure may shoot up temporarily. But seeing the overall results, it maintains the overall fitness.

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This is not a recommended practice for high blood pressure patients. As blood pressure jumps quickly may cause heart failure. Especially older people should not try this exercise. If you have started exercises recently, do not go hard. Make a pace and start with lower weights.

Stretching Exercises

This is an important set of exercises. It makes you flexible and more movable. This set of exercises is performed at the end of strengthening exercises. After heavy exercises or new exercise routine can cause body pain.

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Practicing stretching exercises helps in reducing the body pain.

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