Diabetes a basic understanding: Cause,Symptoms,Remedy


Diabetes is identified as  a number of diseases that implicates the problem due to insufficient  hormone in our body called insulin. The hormone usually comes out of the pancreas. The foremost objective of insulin is, to assist our body to store and use body sugar and fat from the food we do eat every day.

Diabetes is a life long disease. This prolonged condition is actually due to high levels of glucose or sugar in the blood. In in brief, the deficiency or inadequate amount of insulin production else the failure to use the insulin suitably  leads to diabetes. It is mostly a metabolism disorder.


As we know the primary fuel for our body is Glucose. Our foods convert into the glucose and our body use this for our growth and energy. But it requires Insulin to transfer glucose to various cells. So when there is inadequate quantity of insulin, and the glucose can not reach to the cells, there the blood sugar level drops. And that’s only the Diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1

This is also called as Insulin-dependent diabetes. It primarily results in early childhood. This type of diabetes is not avoidable and treatable as of now. It happens due to the regular destruction of cells in the pancreas. In this type, the gland pancreas unable to produce any Insulin hormone which is responsible for controlling blood-sugar level.  Vulnerability genes, viruses like Rubella and Epstein- Barr are the other reasons behind this type of diabetes.

Another reason is the diet, the dairy product, high nitrate level in drinking water as well as low Vitamin D intake also responsible for the beginning of type 1 diabetes. People with this type of diabetes need to take Insulin injection, and treatment for the rest of their life on a regular basis. The hormone called Insulin keeps the blood-sugar level under control.The patient have to carry out regular blood test to ensure proper level. They have to obey a special diet.

Type 2

This type of diabetes is avoidable. It results when the body does not make sufficient insulin for proper function. 90% of cases in type 2 happens in adulthood to those weighty and physically slothful people. It’s due to our lifestyle, Fooding, and lack of physical work. Beside this, it also depends on the genetics .

Symptoms of Diabetes

The symptoms are like tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, increased risk of heart attack as well as stroke. You may feel  a difficulty of seeing. But prior to this you may experience some usual symptoms like, feeling tired, hungry, blurry vision, urination for number of times, sometimes more than usual. You may feel extremely thirsty. And last but not the least, you may find the cuts or woulds takes much time to heal.

Risk Factor of Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

If any one of your parents have this type of diabetes or else any of your sibling, then you also can have the chances of having diabetes type 1. By the way, if both are having the disease then there is a higher chance. The age between 4 to 7 as well as 10-14 has the higher chances of diabetes. And last but the main factor is genetics. If you have certain genes, then there is more chances of type 1. In type 2 diabetes the common risk factors are obesity, high fat, and cholesterol level. Stress and low amount of sleep also are the common risk factors for type 2.


Different Type of Test

There are mainly three types of test. Lets know about it.

The A1C test

This is the one of the most general diabetes test as it does not need fasting. It’s other name is the glycated hemoglobin test. It calculates the amount of glucose in the red blood cells in our body over the last two to three months.As RBC have a lifetime of around three months, the A1C test gives our average blood sugar for about three months. The test needs only a small amount of blood. The results are measured in a percentage:

6.5% means diabetes

5.7% to 6.4% Prediabetes

Less than 5.7% is known as normal reading

The Fasting Plasma Glucose Test

This test needs fasting. And you don’t have to eat prior to the test for 8-10 hours. The results are as per the reading

Less than 100 mg/dl is normal

100 mg/dl-125.99 mg/dl is prediabetes

126 mg/dl is diabetes

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

This is another type of diabetes test. Here at first the patient will undergo a blood test. And then he has to take some sugary drink. After sending some 2 hours and odd time he will go for another test for the testing of blood-sugar level. The reading of diabetes result as follows

Less than 140 mg/dl is normal

140-199.9 is prediabetes

200 mg/dl is diabetes


It’s a life long disease, we all aware of it, but beside this there are many more complications related to the disease. Patients can suffer some skin infection type problem. It takes a long time for the wounds and injuries to heal. There will be some problem with the eye, something like cataract.

There may be a low blood flow to the heart muscles. The common complications are kidney disease, heart attack, eye problem. And apart from this there will be mental disturbance. Mental depression, anxiousness is the common things of a diabetic person.



We can monitor and heal all types of diabetes in a certain way. We know it will last till the lifetime, but with  some common and regular exercise, self motivation and with an appropriate diet one can get rid of it. Patient with type 1 diabetes requires continuous insulin injection, particular diet and exercise.

The type 2 patients require tablets as per the doctor’s prescription, good amount of exercise as well as a healthy and proper diet. Many times they do need injection as well. With this the disease will be under control for some days to come and we can think of a positive blood-sugar level in our body.

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