Coronavirus Important Facts Not To Miss Out

Coronavirus is making its way to different countries. There is a lot of panic among people concerning this virus. Hence, it is essential to know coronavirus important facts. This will help you to protect yourself. The best way of preventing the infection from reaching you is by avoiding exposure to it.

The symptoms of this deadly virus are similar to that of flu or cold. As there is no cure for it yet, it has scared people across the world. Coronavirus has already spread to 24 countries. Recently India and UK confirmed a couple of cases too. Still, the spread of this virus across the world is quite low at the moment.

The World Health Organization has shared some symptoms. It includes shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, cough, fever, etc. Symptomatic treatments are provided to the patients suffering from the virus. In some cases, the health of the patients worsens as they develop pneumonia and acute respiratory syndrome. It might even lead to death.

Coronavirus Important Facts Checklist

Wash your Hands Frequently

Coronavirus Important Facts

Washing your hands after using the washroom does not count here. You should wash them often with soap to get rid of the germs. Follow this routine, if you stepped outside of the house. We touch so many germ-infested surfaces during a day without even realizing it. At least wash them for 20-25 seconds to kill the germs properly. There hand sanitizers that contain alcohol in it. Try to use those sanitizers.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Once the germs get on your hands, it can easily reach your face. As a result, you might get infected. Throughout the day, we touch our face many times. It can itching, rubbing, yawning, etc. Thus, the virus can easily enter the body through our eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, try to avoid touching your face as much as you consciously could.

Practice Hygiene

If someone has a respiratory illness like cold or cough, maintain distance from them. Similarly, if you are sick, avoid contact with anyone until it is necessary. Try to Cover your mouth and nose when you are steeping out. And also during sneezing or coughing. Therefore, this will help to stop the virus from spreading. Try to sneeze into a tissue or use your elbows. Sneezing in your hands will contaminate anything you touch.

Get a Mask

As the news of coronavirus spread, masks across China sold out. People believed that the mask was a guaranteed way to protect one against the virus. But one of the coronavirus important facts tells us that surgical masks are not that helpful. Therefore, go for N95 masks instead, as they are better. Although they help, they cannot guarantee protection against the virus.

Avoid Meat Consumption

The coronavirus is believed to have spread from animals. If you consume meat, make sure to cook them properly. It is also easy to cross-contaminate food while handling many things. Therefore, be aware of such facts. If you live in an affected area, it would be wise to avoid meat for the next few weeks. Stick to healthy greens and strengthen your immunity.

Stay Indoors

Wuhan in China is on lockdown. No one is allowed to leave their homes due to fear of the infection spreading. If your job allows it, take work from home or some off days. Avoid touching people near you. It is recommended that you wear a proper mask and gloves before stepping outside. However, this advice is applicable to everyone; it is especially for those who live in affected areas.

How do I get Diagnosed with Coronavirus?

The symptoms of the flu are similar to that of coronavirus. Therefore, it’s scaring many into believing they have the virus. The chances of you getting infected by the coronavirus are pretty low. If there are no confirmed cases near your area, then you have nothing to worry about. However, even with an infection, it is better to stay indoors. Thus, maintain distance from people.

If you are experiencing high temperature, shortness of breath along with other symptoms, go for a checkup. Before heading to the doctor, make sure to call them. And inform them that you may have the virus. This will help them take proper precautionary measures. You will also need to mention your recent travel history. Try to recall if you have been in close contact with anyone who had the virus. These questions will also help the doctor for the correct diagnosis.

Until recently, the official figures state that the virus has claimed more than 1,000 lives. And over 43,000 cases have been confirmed. Therefore, be aware of coronavirus important facts. But it is crucial that you do not panic.


Washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask are good precautionary steps. Take the necessary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. There is a lot of fear surrounding this newfound virus. Also, this is giving way to a lot of rumors as well. It is best not to pay heed to any information until it has been confirmed.

Hence, pass on the essential information to your near and dear ones. If one person has the proper knowledge, they could protect their family against the virus. The World Health Organization is working closely with governments and global experts to find a cure. But until it is found, we have to take the necessary precautions. Thus, stick to the coronavirus important facts.

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