Constipation: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Constipation is related to your digestive system. In this, a person feels difficulty in expelling the hard feces from the body. The condition arises due to the slow movement of bowels. This makes difficult to expel the stool out. Hence, it causes other problems. Occasionally this is not a major problem. On the contrary, if the problem continues, this can be a trouble. In this article, we will talk about its causes, symptoms, and treatments available.

Changes in Bowel Movement

In your body, the bowel moment varies. It may vary from 3 times per day to a few times a week. When the movement is slowed down for some reason, it causes constipation. Constipation develops when stool moves in the colon with low speed. As a result of this slow movement, a lot of water is absorbed by colon making stool dry and hard. Consequently, this makes it very painful and causes additional problems.

In the case of acute constipation, seek medical help immediately. Hence, the reason behind it may be something serious inside the body. For example, it could be related to colon cancer or tumor. In this situation, a person can have bleeding with the stool as well as vomiting. This can result in the loss of weight of the person.


The main sign of constipation is when you find difficulty in expelling stool out. Furthermore, the stool can be felt dry, hard and lumpy. In very serious cases, bleeding may occur. This problem is named as piles. Further, if the stool is less in comparison to the food intake, it leads to constipation. Along with this major thing, a few other symptoms can also be experienced:

  • Stomach pain with cramping
  • Reduced appetite or loss of interest
  • Reduced bowel movements than the usual one
  • A sense that the stomach is not empty entirely or the stool is not out.

Causes of Constipation:

Constipation arises when stool becomes dry with the absorption of water by colon. It is obvious that food is passing slowly. Besides this, it could happen when the muscles of the colon are narrowed for some reason. The main causes of constipation are:

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Internal Body Issues

Some internal body problems can be a cause of constipation. For example narrowing of the muscles of the colon is the main cause. In other words, it could also be termed as the slow passing of stool or delayed movement. Subsequently, makes stool very hard to expel out. Other gas related problems can be a reason as well.

Medicine and Supplements

Few medicines can lead to constipation as side effects. For example, the use of calcium-containing antacids, anticonvulsants are used for seizures. And those medicines used to cure depression can be another cause. In addition to the above, few of them over the counter pain killers can also cause constipation. Along with medicines, supplements are also culprit. Supplements are a part of a modern healthy lifestyle these days. For example, iron and Vitamin D supplements can cause constipation along with other side effects. Hence, medicines and supplements also cause constipation.

Lifestyle Changes


Changes in lifestyle or daily habits can also lead to constipation. This is very common in females when they get pregnant. Also, the long traveling, taking medicines, getting older are other responsible factors. Apart from these, changes in eating habits like how much and when to eat can be problematic sometimes. One of the major factors is if you overlook the desire for a bowel movement.

Health and Nutrition Problem

A condition affecting your metabolism can be a major hurdle. It includes diabetes and anatomic.

  • Changing hormones can create problems as well. Therefore, hyperthyroid can lead to constipation additionally.
  • Any kind of disorder affecting your spine and brain is also responsible. Injuries to the spinal cord can be problematic at times.
  • If water intake is not sufficient, one might have constipation as well. Thus, less consumption of fluids causes dehydration. As a result of which one develops constipation.
  • People with low physical activity face difficulty in food digestion. This leads to a lowering of your appetite in the long run. Thus, people with such problems suffer from constipation.
  • One of the important ones is the lack of fibrous food. If you are not consuming the food containing fiber in your regular diet, you are at risk. In contrast, consumption of excessive dairy foods like cheese is problematic.
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Treatment for Constipation:

Constipation can be treated temporarily by home remedies. In particular, a few of the home remedies, in the long run, can cure constipation. Along with the remedies, changes in daily life can avoid the problem. The suggested treatments are:

  • One should include a lot of fibrous food in your regular diet. In order to do so, a bowl of fresh fruits and green vegetables should be included in the diet. Inclusion of whole grains, cereals and sprouts is a beneficial change for constipation.
  • Processed food should be cut from your diet. This includes red meat, butter, and cheese-like products. Hence, one should rely on direct and organic foods.
  • One should not ignore the urge to pass stool. The person should go to the washroom immediately.
  • Try to adapt exercises on a daily basis. Stay healthy, be active and keep working. These healthy habits will keep you away from most of the diseases.
  • Consume more water and other water-based food as well.
  • This is a tip for parents to take care of the child who just started to eat solid food. Include fibrous food in their diet to keep them healthy. Hence, your kids will not suffer from constipation.

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