Clean Bedsheets Can Keep You Away From Many Germs

When we are staying over at a hotel or someone’s place, we expect clean bedsheets. But do we follow the same standard at home? We believe that our homes are cozy and clean. No matter how much dusting we do, germs always make their way into our homes. We may not like to believe it but, fungal elements, dust mites, pollen, etc are everywhere!

We shed millions of skin-cells every day. It is a natural phenomenon. The one place where most of them along with other germs end up is on your bed. Once you know that your bed is covered in perspiration, mold, fungi, pollen, etc, it will be hard to sleep there. However, you can keep these germs away from you by changing your bedsheets regularly.

How often should we wash the sheets to get Fresh and Clean Bedsheets?

Once a Week

Now that we know how bedsheets are home to all kinds of infection, sweat, and germs, how do we keep it clean? It is recommended that you wash all your bedsheets, pillowcases, and duvets at least once a week. If you can set the temperature, keep it at 60 degrees Celsius. Else you can at least make sure that the water is hot.

If you can, dry your sheets, duvets, pillows, and even your pillowcases under direct sunlight. The UV rays are very effective in killing the micro-organisms. Those are mostly hidden in the duvets and pillows. If you can’t keep it out under the sun, simply run a hot iron over it to have the same effect. This will ensure that your bedsheets are indeed clean.

Get it Dry Cleaned

For those who lead a busy life and cannot devote much time to washing, a quality dry-cleaner would be a good option. They use chemicals like tetrachloroethylene. And only are handled by the experts. The use of this chemical almost guarantees a germ-free bed sheet, duvet, etc.

Although getting the sheets dry cleaned means more expenditure but it’s worth it. Also, you will get peace of mind. And you will get a few extra hours for yourself as well.

Some People Should Wash it more often

Raman Madan is a famous cosmetic dermatologist. He said that there are exceptions to the once-a-week wash rule. If you fit any of the following descriptions then you should probably change your bedsheets multiple times a week.

  • If you sleep nude.
  • When you go to bed without showering.
  • If you go to sleep after a workout.
  • And if you sweat a lot in your sleep.

For people who meet the descriptions above, it is important that you change your bedsheets every other day and wash them properly.

Ways to Wash to get Clean Bedsheets?

We all just throw our bedsheets in the washing machine. But, is that enough? Let us take a look at some helpful tips for washing our bedsheets the right way.

1. Vinegar/ Baking Soda

Clean Bedsheets

Most of the new bedsheets have chemicals in them that make them stiff. Add a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda for the first wash. You can even use the bedsheet and sleep on it. After that, you can use normal detergents for a wash to get clean bedsheets.

2. Do not Overflow your Washing Machine

Do not wash too many bedsheets together. If you stuff the machine, the bedsheets will not get cleaned and will contain all the pollen and dead cells that it did before. Do a few loads if you have to but give them enough space to get washed properly.

3. Avoid Stuffing with Clothes that Leave behind Colors

Avoid washing your bedsheets with any other colored cloth. It may discolor the bed sheet or the other cloth. If you wash bedsheets with towels, it will end up with lint all over it. That is very difficult to clean up.

4. Read the Label

Read the label and know if there is specific instruction that you have to follow.

5. Right Amount of Detergent

Know how much detergent to use (read the label) and use the exact amount. You don’t want to put too much detergent. It will wear down your clothes faster than you imagine.

6. Do not Add the Dirtiest Clothes

The wash cycle you choose should depend on how clean or dirty the bedsheet is. If this load is particularly dirty, you will want to wash it thoroughly. However, if you are just giving a weekly wash, a mild cycle will get the job done.

Stay Hygienic

All these instructions may seem a bit too much just to get clean bedsheets. But they do help in getting rid of all the germs and infections. Thus, it can help those who are allergic or who easily get acne. Feel free to use some supplements to get the bedsheets smelling rosy and fresh. Using a little bit of lemon juice will help brighten your bedsheets due to their bleaching effect. The bleach also helps to kill the germs.