Chronic disease- 10 foods you should avoid

Diabetes: Some people count calories even before going for a piece of biscuit whereas some never worry about calories even when gulping tons of junks. But it is necessary for anyone to know how much junk one can consume. We often suffer from chronic disease and food is often the main cause.

Having oily junks may stir your taste buds but in the long run, they are as deadly as poison! If someone is detected with any sort of disease or if someone wants to stay fit, then leaving behind some food items can help. Staying fit helps you to have a healthy body and mind and this, in turn, help you to do your work properly. So keeping a healthy diet is very much necessary.

Here are some food options that an individual should avoid as they can enhance any chronic disease!

Sugary foods and drinks:

These are the most annoying thing that is, incorporated into our everyday diet. The office goers consume cups of tea and coffee throughout the day and with that, they consume packets of added sugar. Added sugar is deadly for people with fatty liver problems. People that has type 2 diabetes cannot consume sugar as this can enhance the insulin resistance and boosts the blood sugar to go up which is not at all good for a diabetic patient! Sugar itself is not a food supplement and it just gives you extra energy. When someone consumes sugar, the body cannot register it as a food particle and hence consuming tons of sugar cannot give your lever a poke that you are consuming food! So you will consume more calories when you are having sugary foods and drinks.

White bread, rice, pasta:

All the delicious snack items you can think of are made with any of these things. White bread is used for all sorts of burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas! White rice is something people love to eat and what can be yummier than a pot full of white sauce cheesy pasta? Well, all of these mouth-watering foods look good on someone else’s plate as they are not at all good for your health! All of these are high in gluten quantity which is not at all good for a person’s health. Besides these food items do not have any nutritional value left! These food items help to boost one’s blood sugar level and for diabetic patients and patients with heart diseases, these are nothing less than deadly.

Fruits juices:

While fresh fruits are filled with nutrition and good fibers that are, good for your digestive system, the juice version of it is not at all good for you. In the fruit juices, there’s no fiber present and hence one cannot get a good amount of nutrition out of this. In case of canned fruit juices that, available in the market, they are filled with preservatives that are actually not good for your health! Fruit juices are rich in sucrose hence they are not suitable for diabetes patients as well.

Vegetable Oils:

These days’ people become very concerned about their calorie intake and hence they change their oils from mustard to refined sunflower or other vegetable oils. But these oils are a rich source of Omega 6 fatty acid. First of all excess consumption of fatty acids is not good for health, besides this particular fatty acid can enhance the chance of having cancer in a person. So it is better that one should consume extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil instead of all these special types of vegetable oils.

Pastries, cookies, and cakes:

We just can’t imagine a life without pastries and cookies! Some people finish a packet of cookies in no time! But these tasty things are, made with refined sugar. Refined sugar is not good for your health at all. It enhances the amount of trans-fat in your body. Actually, you are not eating any essential nutrients when you are having any of these things. These food items do not help you stay healthy at all.

French fries and chips:

Chips and fries are our best friends, mood lifter and what not! They are, deeply fried and hence they consume a lot of oil in them. When you are having any of these the amount of calorie that you intake is huge. Besides building calories in your body, these food items are, rich with ‘acrylamides’ which is a carcinogenic substance and it generates whenever a piece of potato is deep fried or baked!


Full fat dairy products:

Full fat dairy products are a rich source of yummy desserts. Whenever you are consuming a good dessert you can expect any source of full fat dairy in it. Now the catch is this can enhance the insulin sensitivity and hence is not at all good for diabetes patients. These products reduce the amount of good cholesterol in your body and enhance the bad cholesterol amount in your body! So these are something you should avoid.

Ice cream:

Can you imagine a life without ice cream? We all love ice creams no matter how old we are! But unfortunately this dessert is very unhealthy too! You cannot imagine how much amount of trans-fat is present in a scoop of ice cream! It is loaded with, refined sugar and most of the companies that sell the product do not use good quality sugar, hence the product, becomes unhealthy for you! This thing is rich in calories as well. So when you are enjoying a bowl of ice cream your calorie intake goes higher and higher and higher!


Processed meat:

Processed meat is, filled with fat. They are not good when consumed in large amount but they are even worse when consumed in small amount! These products can cause heart diseases, diabetes type 2 and even colon cancer! There’s no written proof of it; but most of the researches show that these products are actually not good for your health.


Coffee is something that office goers have throughout the day! It helps us to get, energized and at the same time coffee; loaded with caffeine that is not good for our body. It disturbs regular sleep as well!

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