Certain Foods Are Not Good For Sexual Health

Maintaining good sexual health is certainly essential for every individual. If your sexual desires are reducing constantly, you could ruin your life. Stress, workload, lack of sleep, fatigue and degraded health order are common conditions. These conditions are at blame for reduced sexual desires. However, there are certainly other reasons that reduce libido apart from these common factors. Bad food habits can take a toll on your health. Thus, it affects your sexual urge and performance! Here, we will discuss certain foods that will ruin your sexual life.

The relation between Food and Sexual Health

Food and sex have a close association! And the relationship is quite complicated. The food we consume can have sexual effects on our health. It affects us in physiological as well as psychosomatic level. The nutrients we ingest from the food have a direct effect on our testosterone/estrogen level. While the testosterone level is the hormone responsible for balancing sexual drive in men. And the estrogen level is the hormone in women. Consumption of certain types of food has a significant impact on the hormonal levels and imbalances it. Low sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, reduced sperm mortality rate, etc are some of the major effects of degraded sexual health. Such a condition will certainly create disturbances in your personal life.

It will be helpful for you to learn about the foods that can affect your sexual urge and performance. You can leave the foods off your plate that are not good.

10 Foods not good for your Sexual Health

1. Low-Quality Meat

Low-quality meat could be one of the reasons for lowering your sex drive. The low-quality meat contains added preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. This causes hormonal imbalance in the body. You must prefer fresh and un-processed meat to keep your sexual drive revived. Make sure for safe-packaging as the PVC packaging bags chemically react with the fatty foods and cause hormonal shifts. It is a great idea to bring fresh meat right from the butcher and wrap it in a safe-packaging.

2. Cheese

Cheese is a dairy product loaded with synthetic hormones. The synthetic hormones could have a potential reaction with the body’s natural hormones. Hence, it affects the production of testosterone and estrogen. The hormonal reaction will eventually reduce your sexual drive. Therefore, you need to leave the cheese off your plate if you want to improve your relationship.

3. Shrimps

An average person gets exposed to several pesticides regularly unknowingly. We ingest the pesticides commonly used for food processing and preservation. These pesticides are endocrine disruptors. And it affects the hormone level in men as well as women. Certain farms use 4-hexyl resorcinol for preventing the shrimps from discoloration. The pesticide is highly estrogenic and does have an adverse impact on the hormones. Farms also use several other pesticides on other seafood for preservation and processing. It is better to exclude such foods from your plate and prefer organic food.

4. Processed Food

Processed food is mostly preferred these days. The processing of foods removes the nutrients. But those nutrients are essential for sex drive. For example, the whole wheat when gets processed into white flour, 1/3 zinc and mineral is lost from it. Zinc and other minerals are essential for men’s sexual ability as well as reproduction. Hence, make sure to prevent the consumption of processed food.

5. Soybeans

Certain researches have claimed that soybeans formulated genetically are harmful. A high level of soy content in a woman’s body will reduce sex hormones. It will also disrupt the ovarian function. Similarly, consuming soy every day reduces the sperm count in men by 40%. Either opt for organic soybeans or eliminate the lab-engineered products from your diet chart.

6. Food Containing Sugar

Food containing sugars are not preferable for health-conscious people. Apart from being responsible for increasing the body’s insulin hormones and causing fat storage, it causes a drastic drop in testosterone levels. Fat stored in the belly increases the estrogen level. This results in the dropping of libido and causes erectile dysfunction. You must eliminate foods with high sugar content from your plate if you wish to keep up your performance on bed.

7. Canned Food

Sexual Health

Canned Food including soups and meals contain high amounts of dietary sodium. High dietary sodium increases blood pressure. It also reduces blood flow to certain body parts. Reduced blood flow to genitals causes erectile dysfunction which impacts your performance. Avoid canned foods if you don’t wish for displeasure in your life.

8. Mint

Mint fills fresh essence in your breath which can raise sexual urge. However, the menthol content in mint technically reduces the testosterone level. Reduced testosterone impacts sexual pleasure. And this can ruin your special moment.

9. Certain conventionally grown Fruits

The conventionally grown fruits are not good for consumption. It includes strawberries, apples, peaches, and cherries have a high level of estrogen-mimicking pesticides. You certainly need to look out for organic fruits that don’t contain pesticides.

10. Spicy Food

Women love spicy food! But, many are unaware that spicy food has the potential to change the smell of the genital part. Hence, reduce the consumption of onion, garlic, and other strong spices.

Maintaining good Sexual Health

However, apart from the top 10 foods, alcohol including beer can play havoc in your sexual life. It works as a depressant and affects libido and causes erectile dysfunction. Thus, always opt for healthy food to maintain good sexual health.

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