Do you know what your cellphone is doing to your brain?

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While we know smartphones can make us lazy, with the easy availability of every possible source of information in our hand with a click, research shows that this is encouraging less and less usage of our brain, making our brains lazy, too. There’s more than this state of lethargy that smartphones have brought to our lives. Phones may be hurting our wellbeing in more ways than one, from posture, cognition and sense of hearing to sleep and hygiene – yes a phone may carry even more germs than a toilet seat.

Over the past decade, there has been a staggering increase in the number of brain cancer patients and research shows its link with wireless gadget use, stating those who hold phones next to their face or even in their pocket for a very long time are more susceptible.

For the techies out there, if we take the example of a microwave oven, it steadily operates at the same frequencies with much greater power, while a cell phone acts as a two-way microwave radio with intermittent and erratic pulses. This in turn disrupts the DNA, weakening the protective barrier of the brain.

When it comes to the use of cellphone, consider keeping your cellphone away from your ear, head, stomach and in your pockets. Rather try to opt for a headset for taking calls, when you can. Speakerphone is another option. Here’s some more you can do to stay radiation safe.

Wait while it rings:

The phone emits more radiation in the initial stage of establishing a connection, so try to keep it away before the person on the other side picks up.

Look for a strong signal:

Avoid making calls when the signal is weak, as that’s when phones increase their transmitting power to connect to the nearest tower, emitting more radiation.

Airplane mode can be used outside of the plane:

When not in use, switch to Airplane Mode of your cellphone. Keep it away from your body when sleeping.

Catch a good night’s sleep:

It’s important we make an effort to avoid the use of cellphones at least an hour before bed, as it is directly connected to sleep deprivation and reduced brain power as well as memory.

Your DNA asks for green:

To naturally repair your DNA from radiation exposure, consume more of green vegetables and fatty acids, such as salmon, walnuts and kiwi, rich in omega-3.

When you have the urge to instinctively pick up your phone, only to fiddle with it, ask yourself whether you’re ready to unplug.

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