Can Your Sleep Position Reveal Your Current Health Condition?

Usually, we do not think much about the sleep position while going to bed. Sometimes when one cannot sleep, they tend to settle into a particular position. This particular position gives you comfort. Plus, no matter what position you chose to lie on the bed, you end up to a particular one. Your time to go to bed may vary. But your sleeping position more or less stays the same. But, we never realize the health aspects of a particular sleep position. Few of them can be adverse as well. But, switching to another position might cause discomfort as well as a sleeping disorder.

The sleep position may reveal your current health condition. Additionally, the position may reveal certain aspects of your personality. That can be your current mood as well. For example, keeping hands up or sown while sleeping reveals a different personality. Sometimes you may also realize the benefits and problems of a particular position. Hence, one can improve their health by switching to a better one. It is extremely important to examine your current sleeping position. By this, you can have an idea about the health problems you might have at present.

Sleeping on your Back

People who love to sleep on their backs usually snores. You have realized this with yourself on someone in the family as well. Such people snore a lot. Sometimes, the weird sounds may be heard as well. This is because of the jaws dropping on the throat and hence reducing the air passage. People loving this sleep position might experience lower back pain as well. An added problem coming from this position is the commonly known sleep apnea problems. Consequently, a person may experience problems like heart attack, depression, etc. If you are a patient of any of such problems, consider switching the position. You should change your sleeping posture immediately. In case you do not find comfort in any other position, take advice from the doctor.

Talking about personality, such people are full of confidence. Also, they are stubborn towards the situations. These kinds of people make strict bosses with high expectations. The behavior may change slightly depending on the way you keep your hands or legs while sleeping.

Sleeping on your Stomach

This position reminds of a child’s posture. But, certainly, this position is not at all good. If you sleep in this position, means you are not able to settle in any other position. You find it comfortable but it has several health problems related. Firstly, this way you can put your neck and lower back in trouble. These people use a soft pillow or not at all to support their neck well. Secondly, your spine does not have support at all. This way you are putting your spine in the problem. If you love to sleep in this position, please keep a soft pillow below your stomach. This way you can give the support as well as an air passageway. Listing all the bad ones, here is a good point. This sleep position eliminates the problem of snoring.

Coming to personality, such people are connected to perfectionism. They can be a really good critic. Plus, such people do not have much control over their life.

Side Sleeping

Sleep Position

This is the perfect way to sleep. Sleeping on either the left or right side avoids the problem of snoring. Secondly, the sleep apnea with this position one can see only in the dreams. Thirdly, you stretch your spine this way by eliminating the neck and back pain. The only problem with this sleep position is the stiffness that might make you uncomfortable. Apart from this, you might just drop your earphones while lying in this position. Otherwise, the position is good and keeps the problems away.

Personality-wise, such people have a different kind of people. They are usually calm, relaxed and open-minded. If you sleep on your left side, it reflects the creative part of your personality. On the other hand, the right side reveals the dependence on caffeine. Dragging forward, the legs and arms position may reveal some other features as well.

Sleeping in the Fetal Position

There is nothing good about this sleep position. If it brings something good to you will be purely your luck. But there are several ways, one can make it better. For example, do not keep your head on your arm. This may cause numbness in the arm. In the longer run, a person might experience a stroke or partial damage to a particular body part as well. Another tip for such people would be not to curl up too tight as you may injure your joints. One may use a specially designed body pillow to feel more comfortable.

People sleeping in fetal position are sensitive and have a tendency to over-analyze things. Deep inside, they are sweet-hearted people.

Find a Sleep Position to Sleep Well

This shows the discomfort in sleeping. You may have interrupted sleep having a sleep disorder. Another reason to not find a position is the restless legs syndrome. This sleeping disorder is commonly seen in old age people. Go for an examination by consulting a doctor.