5 Ways to Build a Better Immune System this year

An ancient proverb says that “Health is Wealth”. The health is based on a better immune mechanism. The better immune mechanism assures a healthy lifestyle. Let’s follow five simple ways for the betterment of the immune system.

Good sleep is a good doctor

Good sleep keeps many diseases away as sleep boosts our immune system. Rigorous travel and work during the night without knowing life threating consequences which may lead to fatal conditions. Sleep helps the brain to reboot and rejuvenate for the next day startup. Brain eradicates the garbage of the day and triggers the immune mechanism to release the cytokines protein in resting stature. Cytokines are like the king in the immune kingdom. The Cytokines are holding the remote to switch on and switch off the immune responses. So, adequate sleep pattern supports a strong defensive mechanism in fighting many infectious diseases. Healthy sleep practices diminish chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.


Smoking – Burns the immunity

The cigarette considered to be a sixth finger for many. Every smoker knows that smoking kills. Moreover, it is illustrated on the cigarette packs. But laymen never know the intensity of the actual damage. Nicotine and tobacco are the two cautious ingredient of cigarette which traverses to all the vital body parts. Smoking destructs and harms the antibodies which aid in battling the infections. There is a risk of one’s immune system turn against its own body cells due to smoking. Smoking and malignant diseases go hand in hand. Recent research shows that the deteriorated immune system may not be able to fight against the origination of lung cancer.

Healthy Gut is a healthy immune system

The healthy immune mechanism depends on the healthy digestive tract. Fiber plays a vital part in keeping the gastrointestinal active and healthy. It clears the toxic wastes from the gastrointestinal tract, also fruits, vegetables, and nuts are the rich sources of fiber, another major factor for healthy gut is Probiotics. In fact, Probiotics are the human-friendly bacterium exists in the gastric tract. Research reveals that nearly 500 species of bacteria live in the human gut, working hard to keep the healthy digestive process. Good bacteria like Probiotics maintain and strengthen the mucosal lining of the gut which supports the mucosal immune system. Fermented buttermilk and homemade curd are the best natural resources for good bacteria.

Quit Alcohol – Stay Healthy

excessive alcohol consumption affects immunity causes serious illness and infections. Extreme Alcohol consumption affects the entire immune-system protocol by annoying the regular biological process. Alcohol has critical chemical components to interrupt the sleep-wake cycle. Metabolizing alcoholic components area a challenging task for the liver to execute. The critical function of the liver is to purify and remove the toxins of the alcoholic component from the blood. Additional consumption of alcohol may cause liver failure too.

Killer Stress Kills Immune

Stress is considered a slow poison. It affects the physical and psychological status of human badly. At times of stress, the body releases hormone cortisol. Cortisol aids in reducing the inflammatory action in the body. Indeed, it favors body metabolism but for the short-term. But, when the body exposed to stress for a long duration, surely it will affect the immune system. Stress caused to excess secretion of hydrochloric acid which will disturb the digestive system.

Eventually, this chain reaction of excess acid secretion will lead to ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract. The general healthy routine lifestyle of exercise and yoga activities remarkably reduces the stress level. Laugh a lot, take less caffeine, be with family and friends, time management in the day to day life, eat healthy to reduce stress and live longer.

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