Boosting Metabolism Helps In Managing excess weight

Overview of body metabolism

Metabolism of the body helps in burning calories and shed off extra fat. Every meal we eat is metabolized and broken down into enzymes and other components to release energy and other sources of nourishment to the body. Food is a survival source for the functioning of the body organs as they need the energy to function properly.

A fast metabolism indicates faster burning of the calories and reverse happens in a slow metabolism. There are few foods which trigger the metabolism to work harder and burn more fat. Metabolism is also affected by our genes and gender.

Every individual has a different metabolic rate as it is governed by gender, genes and further affected by several foods which might increase or decrease the metabolism. By eating right we can trigger our metabolism to burn an extra 500 to 600 calories per day. By few small changes in daily life, can increase their metabolism and a healthy body weight, will be easy to attain. Good metabolism helps in managing excess weight with ease.


How to boost metabolism throughout the day to manage excess weight?


  1. After waking up

Drink water:

Drinking as much water as possible like 1 to 2 glasses after getting up is known to boost metabolism and flush out all toxins which are stored during the night while you were asleep. Also keeping yourself hydrated is the best thing for activating the metabolism throughout the day. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water daily is essential for the body.


Go for a cup of coffee:

There is nothing better than a cup of good coffee in the morning. Caffeine content in the coffee stimulates the central nervous system and increases the heart rate and breathing. Caffeine stimulates the body metabolism besides its goodness of just being in coffee. Enjoying a cup of coffee on a holiday morning with a friend or spouse is the best that can happen. However on the working days while on the run the spill proof cup of coffee can also serve the purpose of awakening your soul with coffee and being a rejoice for you while traveling to work.

Grab a good breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is the worst thing for metabolism as well as weight management. Also, it is advisable to have breakfast within 2 hours of getting up. If a day is not started with a good breakfast than the body might tend to choose to go into a starvation mode and by this metabolism of the body slows down to conserve energy.

It even helps obese people to boost their metabolism by simply having a good breakfast rich in protein or fiber as per choice. Omelets or scrambled egg is one of the best and healthy breakfast options even for the people who are in hurry. Try a modified breakfast option is also good like a mixture of lean protein with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, it serves the purpose of power breakfast making one feel full for longer. Cooked oats in skimmed milk topped with frozen fruits is another healthy breakfast meal for on the runs.

  1. At work

Pack a fully protein loaded lunch:

Protein helps in building up more muscles especially when combined with good workouts. Also, muscle burns more calories than the fat. A meal full of protein and low in fat increases the body metabolism and speeds up the weight loss process and keeps the body weight in control.

Sip some green tea:

It is an herbal elixir for the body and rich in antioxidants and other essential fat burning substances which also enhances the body metabolism. Brew your green tea for three to five minutes in hot water for maximum benefits. Three to five cups a day of green tea helps in boosting metabolism and helps in weight loss.


Curb your snacking need with calcium:

Calcium-infused late afternoon snack can help in curbing the seductive temptations of junk food and brownies. Doctors recommend that daily natural calcium intake helps in increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss.

  1. Be very careful and vigilant while shopping for food

Go for organic products:

Organic foods are the best diet as they do not contain any pesticides. Since pesticides in consumed foods get accumulated in the fat cells of the body and affect metabolism and even affects the mitochondrial and thyroid functioning in the body leading to several disruptions.

Look for heat in foods:

Bell peppers are a rich source of capsaicin and help in fire up the metabolic rate of the body. Adding green or red chili peppers as toppings to the food or eating them raw as finely chopped as a snack is best to heat up the body and increase sympathetic nervous system activity as well which is responsible for fight or flight response in the body and hence leads to burning extra calories without much effort.

Pick iron infused foods:

Women tend to lose iron every month and being short of iron can slow down the metabolic system of the body. Since iron helps to carry oxygen to muscles and all the body tissues and lack of it will create havoc. Muscles are the ones to burn out more calories and help managing weight. So look for iron-rich veggies like spinach etc. while you shop for grocery.

  1. During workout sessions

Mixing and modifying with rest phases:

Alternating and switching between exercises and adding up some modifications helps in intensifying the work out sessions. Intensive workout session helps in burning out more calories than usual. Like by adding up sprints to the regular cardio workout helps in burning more fat as per the studies. Taking rest in between exercises ensures relaxing overdoing of muscles.

Go slow at a comfortable pace:

Workout sessions must always be body friendly. Forcing too much will exert the body leading to a give up situation. Also, workouts are more enjoyable when done in the company and it helps to build an emotional connection with the routine of the workout sessions. Regularity without excuses is important for an exercising regime to achieve the desired weight loss goals.

Taking supplements:

Fish-oil supplements along with regular exercises help in burning more fats. It increases the activity of fat burning enzymes hence metabolic activity of the body is increased while being on these supplements. Taking one to two pills of these supplements before 2 hours of workout sessions helps the most in burning excess fat and calories during exercise.


Besides being healthy fat sources these fish-oil or cod-liver oil capsules are good for skin and hair as it helps in cell rejuvenation. Taking a little extra effort to boost up your metabolism will simply make the task of managing excess weight easy as it will throw back results almost double to the physical effort put in. Moreover, the time consumed for the desired weight loss will be less if metabolic rates will be high.

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