Besides Chest Pain Heart Attack Warning Signs

Chest pain or discomfort in the chest is the most common heart attack warning signs. But often women experience some other issues and symptoms including shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, and jaw and back pain.

A heart attack is a condition that is caused when the flow of your blood is blocked to reach the heart. The blockage is mostly due to the build-up of fat, the rise of cholesterol, and other related substances. These things create a plaque in the arteries. And those arteries are connected to your heart. This is also known as coronary arteries.

After some time, the plaque breaks down and forms a clot. Interrupted blood flow might create trouble. Hence, it can cause destroy some parts of the heart muscle. This is a serious condition that shouldn’t be ignored.

Know the Heart Attack Warning Signs

Heartburn, Nausea, Stomach Pain, or Indigestion 

Many people have experienced the symptoms of a heart attack. But often ignore it thinking it’s just a gastric problem. Some may even feel the need to vomit and feel uneasy. This type of problem is more common in women than in men.

But if you have an upset stomach then it does not necessarily mean that you have a heart issue. It could also be the result that you ate something unhygienic or bad.  Consider these as heart attack warning signs. Therefore, consult a doctor to find the real reason behind the pain.

Pain Distributing towards the Arm

Another classic symptom of heart attack is pain that spreads down to the left side of the body. This pain might even curb more. Thus, it even can turn out to be a heart attack.

Dizzy or Lightheaded Feeling

If you feel out of balance and have a fainting feeling then it might be because of many other issues. It may be because you have eaten or drank something or made a fast movement. But, if you feel unsteady or face chest discomfort or shortness of breath, then visit or call a doctor straight away.

This may also arise because your blood pressure has dropped down. Therefore, your heart couldn’t pump blood at a normal rate.

Throat or Jaw Pain

Throat or jaw pain is not directly related to the heart. This pain is mainly caused due to sinus, muscular pain, or due to cold.

But if you have pain or pressure at the centre of the heart then it spread up into your jaw or throat. This is one of the heart attack warning signs. In this case, you can immediately call the doctor and seek medical attention.

Feeling Exhausted

Sometimes you suddenly start to feel low on energy or face difficulty in doing any physical activity. It indicates your heart is pumping slowly. It can be while climbing the stairs as well. This is the time you must not take it causally. But you should find out the real reason for this low energy. These symptoms might be linked to heart attack warning signs.

The cardiologist says that these significant changes are more important in judging the heart problem than little ache and pain. Exhaustion and inexplicable faintness can be a reason for heart disease, particularly for women.


It’s pretty normal to snore while sleeping. If your snoring is loud like gasping or choking then it might be a sign of sleep apnea. This is a condition when you stop breathing for brief moments at night while sleeping. This puts sudden stress on your heart. Thus, it may cause some issues.

Many doctors check and do a sleep study to find out if you have this condition or not. If you have these issues then you need a CPAP machine to smooth your breathing process.


If you suddenly start getting sweat even in cold and normal temperature then it can be alarming. It is one of the heart attack warning signs. When this condition happens along with other heart attack symptom then you must immediately call an ambulance.

Unstoppable Cough

Heart Attack Warning Signs

Many people don’t assume cough as one of the heart attack warning signs. They may feel it is because of the sudden weather change. Generally, most of them are true. But in some rare cases or when you have any heart disease then an unstoppable cough could cause a heart attack.

If you face this issue for a long time and even get white or pink mucus, then immediately visit the hospital. This occurs when the heart doesn’t keep with the body’s functions leading to blood leakage into the lungs.

Swollen Legs, Feet, and Ankles 

When your legs, feet, and ankles get swelled, it indicates one of heart attack warning signs. This might be because your heart doesn’t pump blood normally as it should be.

When this condition happens, your blood collects in the veins and causes bloating and swelling. The failure of the heart might cause kidney trouble to excrete extra water and sodium from the body. This might result in bloating.

Thus, if you are under the risk of heart problems, then do not take these above warning signs casually. Whenever you face any of these issues, immediately call an ambulance. Also, try to avoid driving to the hospital all by yourself.

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